Remembrance Service Turnout How was yours

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wheel, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. Having just returned from the Remembrance day service at my towns memorial gardens I am pleased to report that there was a siginficant increase in the turnout. Over the past few years the turnout has been declining so it was a very pleasant surprise to see so many people of all ages there.
    With all the chat on site reporting joe publics indifference to the our armed forces at present I see an indication that there are a significant amount of people out there who do care.

    What has turn out at other members services been like ?.
  2. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Was a small turnout on Saturday in Abergavenny, but didn't head into town today a I tend to watch the London one on TV.

    I was brought up in a little village (now growing to a town) called Knowle just south of Birmingham and i was alway impressed by the turnout, used to be able to get nearly 1,000 on parade from the cubs up to the RBL old boys. Must ring the parents and see if this years turn out was up to scratch.

  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Church was full and good turnout by the village Cross of Rememberance.

    Pity the PC doing road control couldn't be bothered to put a poppy on.
  4. The wife and I went to a Regt'l service. Although I've only been out the 18 months I was quite shocked at how many guys, SNCO's included, who stood about during the service with a mouthfull of chewing gum looking like they had something better to do. Also, are lanyards only issued to 50% of Regt's nowadays?

    End of Rant.

    Came home after the service and watched the BBC coverage, with a lump in my throat, especially listening to the Para lad representing BLESMA.

    God bless all of them
  5. I went to the local service in Bridgend South Wales.It seemed to me to be better supported than in previous years.A good number of young teenagers in attendance.
  6. i agree with always bring a tear and a lump when the old boys proudly march past.
  7. Good turnout in Bristol as always. The cadets were let down by a minority as usual - long hair, earrings, one chewing gum, about 10 collapsed and why oh why can none of them put a decent crease in their uniform? The Veterans were there in force, old bold and in step. One politico wearing a dirty leather jacket, unshaven and looked like he could do with a few lessons in personal hygeine, respect etc etc.
  8. Service in my home town was ok, less than last time I was there, though the way it has run has changed and it's not what it was. Lot less of the old blokes there unfortunately.

    Still it's aways a personal thing for me, I could stand just about anywhere and still be moved.
  9. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Pontefract was good, even a choir this year :D
  10. Waltham near Grimsby had a good turn out.
    One slightly annoying thing was car drivers who left their engines running, especially the throaty exhaust types.
  11. Ditto Spanish_dave :D
  12. A good turnout for the WSBA
  13. A good turnout in my village.

    But, an appalling sermon from the 'team' vicar. The fool started off by saying that he couldn't find inspiration for a 'day when it has all been said.'

    So he read out a thirty-five minute passage from some GCSE student's visualisation of what it was like to be in WW1. He then concluded by baldly stating that there was nothing glorious or noble about war.

    Well, we know that. So this idiot was lazy, failed to judge his audience and felt that he could read out someone else's work for over half an hour.

    WW1 must be one of the most prosaically covered conflicts of all time with an abundance of heartfelt sentiment pouring from the pages of so many. Why choose a history essay from someone who wasn't even there?

    Mrs V_M and I are most disappointed and I will shortly pen some well chosen words to the Rural Dean or Bishop to make arch comments about the quality of people they allow to pull on a dog collar. If this chap couldn't be arrsed to rise to the challenge of carefully and sympathetically finding a way to commemorate Remembrance Sunday then there must be plenty of people out there who could have done a better job.

    Anyone know how the Diocesan Orbat works and who best to write to? I'm not writing to the PCC - I want to get through to the organ grinder.
  14. very good turn out
    herts police did a streling job on traffic control (unlike last year)
    just a slight up yours from the sermon on recent losses
    local Tory MP ex Guards in his sunday best, regt tie and gongs
    many ex service persons and families in attendance this year, almost double last years head count
  15. Excellent. I was impressed.