Remembrance Parades

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RSigsSTAB, Nov 13, 2004.

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  1. CS95 - Jacket/Trousers

  2. CS95 - Shirt/Trousers

  3. Lets issue No 2 dress to everyone.

  4. Something else entirely...

  1. Another year, another parade, and yet again we'll all look a bag of sh*t because someone somewhere in the hierarchy insists on wearing CS95 jackets.

    In my opinion, it is almost impossible to get these to look smart regardless of time spent with iron in hand. Next to the other units in town, we'll look like a joke.

    Any other opinons?
  2. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Better than barrack dress i suppose
  3. The way I look at it at least we are turning out.

    I'm sure there's better things to spend money on than No2 dress.

    Like training
  4. We parade in No1 dress Blues, the Sqn has managed to get nearly everyone a set, and continues to get more as needed. Soldiers are expected to look after it, but as it gets worn on few occasions it lasts, my set is dated 1954!
  5. we parade in 95 shirts. a damn site better than 95 jackets, which we point blank refused to wear. unfortunatley not everybody has a set of no2s and I cant see them ever getting used scale A.
  6. Nope, sorry!!!!

    As a fully paid up member of the rupertry I paraded in No2's while my Jocks only had 95'. We only have a limited supply and, as jockanese, they required a tailored fit (not like your bus conductors outfits, nudge wink!).

    The RA ACF paraded in barrack dress trousers and their regimental jerseys and looked better than my troops in '95.

    As for
    Are you mad!! The FAS dudes must love you. They only want to take away our regimental names, you want to take our individuality and sense of historical pride!!!

    Corps perhaps Part-timer????????
  7. The above post would sound less bitchy if i rembered my emoticon.
    :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  8. All the TA paraded in C95 shirts, the NRPS wore suits and ALL the regs/PSI's wore No 2's.
    Glad to see the one army concept was working well again
  9. dress is a bit of a sore point. but the emphasis should be on attendance. 40 odd guys on parade instead of the usual 20. hopefully individual units will see the light an get NO2's, but lets not hold our breath.

    anyone else think rememberance parade should be compulsary...I.E a bounty qualification?? (TA)
  10. (Trivial TA facts No 73) Remembrance was virtually a bounty qualification in the days before pay into bank. I understand that bounty was in two parts - training and liability - the smaller of which was paid out after remembrance parade. This was the main reason for remembrance being at one time regarded as a major urine-up for the TA.
  11. it was a great swally fri & sat b4 it...and a good service/parade. all in all a good wkend...those who did'nt turn up missed out :roll:
  12. No. I suggested that more money is spent on training. I recall in my dim and dark past we had No2's, lighweights, SLRs and 10 rounds per man for a weekend.

    Now we have a uniform of some utility, boots that some people even wear on ops, that still looks better than lightweights and a green shirt.

    I know you like any excuse to get your skirts out, but maybe we ought to be campaigning for a second issue smock before we start bleating for dress uniforms.

    Try being individual and showing unit pride when its minus ten outside and you don't have a day off to get your one stinking 95 smock laundered.

  14. My unit issued No2's to all TA soldiers until 3 years ago, when they were withdrawn and had to be handed in. Only seniors kept them. What pisses me and the Toms off is that the withdrawn uniforms are still sitting in stores... :roll:
  15. Thank you for the QM's DS solution. :roll:

    Imagine working at macdonalds and being told to go downtown to the mcsurplus shop to get the work togs your expected to wear