Remembrance Parades

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Shamus, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. I have often stood and watched Rem. Parades and although a member of the Brit Legion, to use the club etc. I can't make up my mind about some of these guys who wear reg blazers, and their berets, often 1 x GSM with 1 x LS&GC, and proudly march about proclaiming "look at me - I was a trained killer in the 1 st Blankshires, the things I could tell you!!" We have one or two locally, usually reached the dizzy heights of Cpl, who turn out in the reg.blazer at the slighest opportunity, put on a posh voice and seem to hint they commanded a Bn at some stage. This is the season for them of course, am I alone in being quietly amused at these guys, or is this the proper behaviour for an ex-soldier and in fact it's me that's out opf step :?
  2. I'm sure someone told me that bloke Shamus was CO of the Earl of Antrim's Light Horse during the Dhofar Campaign.

    Apparently he was signing copies of his history of the unit at the last Hay book fair.
  3. Get out there and wear your medals, and challenge anyone who might be walting it up. Hell so what if an individual only made the dizzy heights of Pte in the Blankshires - he served and is entitled to parade (just deflate the egos of those who pretend to be something they are not - why claim to be a Rupert anyway.)
  4. muttley in catch the pidgeon
  5. From about the 60s to the end of the 90s there has not been a lot of sh1t hitting the fan, so most will only have one or two medals to there name , even after 20 years .The person may have a silver jubilee medal if they where a lottery winner ? for gold a minimum of 5 years service to win that one . You could of been over to N.I 8 times + and be 1/2 day under the 36 mouths( thats 3 years ) ? to get the add on medal ( thats only two ?).
    So add that up , the person would have one medal , and if they had been a good boy the LS&GC ?
    Some medals have add on bars , so you could have one medal and X bars . and most people will see only one medal .
    So who has the most medals ?
    Old boys from WW2 etc. New boys because the sh1t is hitting the fan , and I most add the walters to the list . For the rest of the in betweens not many.
    Reg blazer . Some regiments have lived for hundreds of years while others have lived and been killed off in less than 30 years. Who remembers them , those who served in them
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  6. I don't know where you come from, but round here 3 would still be regarded as a minimum in the Intelligence Corps.

    Perhaps with a few GSM bars for radfan and arabian peninsular, a little bit of sh1t hit the fan in 1982 as well as 1991.
  7. Its not whats on the chest that matters, its the pride inside that chest thats important.
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  8. Yes I accept the point about lean times medal wise between early 70's and say 1990, but I noticed that the ex soldiers where I live, the ones who really have been there and done it, includ numerous sandy berets, special duties types, and Gulf vets, never parade, wear medals or berets, or even possess blazers! Is it because the old war vets were taught to display their service, and expected to do this sort of thing, and modern soldiers are advised to conceal their military past for fear of attracting the ire of extremists, or offending somebody? (This is excluding the Walts of course! and currently serving who won't think about it until they've left!) or is all this too deep for this board!! :lol:
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  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    A heap of bollocks. I can remember attending a Remembrance Church Parade in Ashford where the OC R Branch was keen to have a WO2 (darkside) arrested for one reason or another, but primarily because he owned a camcorder (which in those days was the size of a medieval cathedral). As it turned out, we survived. Phew.
  10. It's not a fucking medal count for God's sake, how immature is that?

    For instance, my brother did his 22, did not go to NI for some reason, went to FI in 1982 but missed the war by 5 days. He went to the Gulf in 91, then qualified for his LS&GC then lost it as a WO1, net result is that he has 1 medal for his 23 years' service. Times change and we are busier now, consequently we issue more medals. Let these guys wear their medals with pride, show up to the parade, pay their respects and leave it at that. Incidentally, and a wake up call hopefully, do you think that the WW2 veterans will be checking each others' medals out and thinking "Aha, he's only got the Italy Star, fucking war-dodger didn't make it to Normandy?" No, they will just be remembering the fallen, same as we are.

    Note 1: For what it's worth and before some bone comment appears, I should add that I have "the usual" amount of medals that an ex-WO1 of the Corps should have but am not wearing them tomorrow.

    Note 2: It's Peninsula; "peninsular" is an adjective, but loads of people make that mistake and add the "r".
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  11. Just watched the Fesiaval of Rememberance on the BBC and was caught by the chap in the sandy coloured beret outside Westminster Abbey. On looking back at the tape he has to have three rows of of medals on his left side and two rows on his right. I would like to shake his hand. Pity I can't download a still did anybody get it on digital?
  12. From about the mid 70s to mid 90s ? you had to play down ,not say ,not show that you where military , big time, because of the p ira etc , X killed at remembers day parade
    Tommy Atkins , is it a crime to stand there in the front line or in the shadows and show you have served , what ever is on your chest
    or you wish to show , to remember your friends , if so they win .
    I will stand tomorrow next to 21 or 22 etc ,
    but not under a stone
  13. I think it's entirely appropriate. Tomorrow, I'll be in a good whistle and gongs* - not a beret or blazer, that's a step too far, to my mind - but just this one time a year I'm happy to go public.

    *GSM 1962 with clasp "Northern Ireland", LS&GC (Army) and ACSM, if anyone's wondering. Got an American and a German one as well, but they're in a tin box somewhere.
  14. Pathetic!
    Remembrance Sunday is exactly that, for Veterans and civilians to remember their fallen comrades, service personnel and the ultimate sacrifice they gave for our country. Irrelevant of which conflict or the number of medals they have. If Walts are there then it is thier conscience!
  15. On the medal count thing there does seem to have been a devaluation leading to inflation in recent years. My Grandfather was an Infantry soldier who served in the trenches throughout WW1 apart from the R&R he received when the nasty Bosche pumped Mustard Gas in his lungs at Loos costing him hsalf a lung. No war pension just back to the Front (with an English Regiment FFS!) until Johnny Hun threw his hand in. In total three and a half years in the actual war. Three medals to show for that.

    My father on the other hand was a wimp, only doing two years active service pre WW2, the whole of WW2 and two years active service after WW2 most of those years close to the FEBA. Result? 6 medals.

    Now I'm not knocking it but I have hust got back from my local Cenotaph and there are clerks cooks and bottle washers with more than those two put together. More worrying a Royal regiment of Scotland WO1 with only three.

    There seems to be a disturbance in the force Luke!