Remembrance Parade

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Stupid_Bint, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. I am taking part in the Cenatath Remembrance Parade in Nov, i was just wondering if anyone else has done it in the past?

    Another question - Would i need one of the big over coats that are issued to the public duties squadron as it is going to be freezing!!!

  2. You want someone to tell you if you need a coat???

  3. Oh and it's spelt

    Cenotaph !
  4. Don't forget your clean underwear. :wink:
  5. obviously its only sarastic twats who reply in these threads...never mind, i will ask someone will give me a straight answer. I wasn't asking whether i needed a coat, i was asking whether i would require it as part of the uniform as i have not been issued one. I wouldn't want to turn up without one and look like the idiot would i???
  6. Well if you need one on an offical parade in which you are parading you would be issued one, you stupid bint :D

  7. I'm guessing you're taking part with a load of other people? And if so, I'm guessing someone will be in charge. May be, instead of asking on a random website what the current dress regs are, you ask someone in the real world who may know. AACSM or even 2 Regt RSM might be a start?
  8. that is what i had figured, but seen as at the moment there is no offical paperwork as such out and no dates to measured up for one, i didn't want to just assume the organisers would be sorting it out! I would rather be measured and fitted for one twice than none at all and look out of place.
  9. Use the phone on Tuesday. Please, please tell me you're not AAC or even an NCO???
  10. I may have been out for a while, but do units still publish Part 1 Orders? Failure to read Part 1 Orders was an offence, therefore if the when, where, who, order of dress etc appear on orders and you get it wrong, there is no excuse.

    By the way, it´s called a Greatcoat.
  11. Greatcoat Number 1 Dress (ORs), single breasted for the use of. Greatcoat Number 1 Dress (Officers), double breasted for the use of (with opening for sword).

    Greatcoats are khaki, double breasted and of the same design for ORs and Officers but the Officers is normally of a different (finer) material.
  12. its called a greatcoat...........duh!!!
  13. and would she get one ov them big gun fings to carry and will she be able to put flowers at the big stone fing?????
  14. Heaven forbid she might get cold!

    I mean.. none of those being remembered ever got cold did they!!

    Grow up and get a life, think about why you are there and stop fussing about whether you might get cold. If you are that bothered, don't fecking go, let someone else go who wants to be there come rain or shine!

    And if, for one minute, you think that they would just let you turn up for the 'C..E..N..O..T..A..P..H parade dressed differently from everyone else then your ARRSE name truly befits you!
  15. Or just wear your No. 1 Dress Shellsuit!