Remembrance on POTL?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by davyskuller, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. Had a search but couldn't find anything regarding dress at a remembrance parade back home whilst on POTL.Have my greens with me but not my 2's. This is a genuine question, NOT a WAH!

    Cheers, DS
  2. How about suit, regt tie and medals. You're on leave after all.
  3. Fair one, didn't think bout that, suit is down the road but sure i can acquire one somewhere and need to find an RE tie. Not sure if chatham PRI does postage! Not got the medal mounted yet, not long back! Cheers
  4. As long as you're there, nobody much will care what you're wearing. And a shiny new medal should get you a few free scoops afterwards...

  5. Haha, get to bore folk like uncle albert! Guessing it will be a miniture mounted on a suit but not sure if it would arrive in time with royal fail doing there level best to feck things up!
  6. miniatures on suits... ffs

    Just polish the shoes & turn up

    edit to add :D
  7. Haha, just after a few buckshee shandies like your man said!!
  8. I'll be wearing my service dress this sunday and I wanted to know at what point a kipper is thrown up. I think I remember you throw one up as the bugler sounds the first note of the last post. Am I right and how long do you hold the salute up for? Also do you salute on the sounding of reveille? This is the first time i've been without my unit on rememberance sunday and I don't want to be last off the mark throwing one up.

    I've just read this back and I sound like a right crowbag.
  9. Slightly off topic..but kind of on topic...

    What regimental tie do you wear if you have served in more than one regiment?
  10. The one with the least beer stains :))

    Attendance is worth much more than what your wearing as long as your smart.
  11. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I'm fairly sure there is something laid down that you can't wear your medals with civilian clothing whilst you're still serving. Was at a parade a few years ago where all us serving were in plain suits, with only the old boys having medals on.
  12. Fair comment :) Most of the lads will be in Gordons (all 50+ years old). I think the Highlanders need representing ;)
  13. Nods in agreement