Remembrance of those not represented today

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Firehorse, Nov 14, 2004.

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  1. Unless I missed something, there was no representative at the Cenotaph from Zimbabwe.

    Those from Rhodesia who served are not forgotten.

    We will remember them.
  2. Zimbabwe are suspended from the Commonwealth at present, therefore not invited!
  3. During 1939-45, Southern Rhodesia contributed, on a pro rata population basis, more fighting men than any other Commonwealth country

    Lets also not forget that Ian Smith, Rhodesia's old prime minister was a fighter pilot in world war two......

    Sadly the calibre of polticians has fallen dramatically over the past 60 years, its just not on!!
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    We will remember them.

    Go well my friends.
  5. Was Zimbabwe not suspended from the Commonwealth, would Mugabe have permitted a representative from the High Commission to attend, given that the World Wars were nothing but White Men's colonial tussles in which the evil British exploited the inherent courage and nobility of the native African?

    The more I think about Mugabe, the more I detest him and those in our governments who lack the courage to take meaningful action.

    The legitimate reasons evinced for the Iraq War, ie. the ousting of a tyrannous, immoral and vile regime, apply as much, if not more so, to Zimbabwe as to Iraq. I cannot help feeling that there would have been rather more popular support for some form of military action Zimbabwe than there was/is for the same action in Iraq.
  6. Jack Straw shook hands with that piece of sh*t (Mugabe).....

    !!!......*grinds teeth*

    Old Chaps comments made me laugh though - the white man is always wrong (obviously).........oh when will we fix our evil ways............ :roll:
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Piece of kak on each end of the handshake then ! :evil:

    Jack Straw was one of the un-informed, highly vocal clowns who helped put Uncle Bob in power in the first place.

    Probably asking how best he could model Britain on Mugabe's own enlightened system.

    They both need a healthy dose of lead asprins.
  8. Much as I loathe (man of) Straw, it was dark and he thought he was shaking hands with just another black chap!!!!

    Good men the Rhodies, and much better rulers than the marxist thugs and crims that are bleeding the place dry now.
  9. Isnt today a day when political differences and old hatreds should be laid to rest. Who cares if Zimbabwe is suspended from the commonwealth because of the actions of a madman. A representative of the country to lay a wreath to the fallen of their country should have been welcomed.

  10. A representative of the good people of Zimbabwe would indeed have been welcome.

    A representative of Mugabe's government, though, as anyone from the High Commission would be, is no representative of the people.

    Seeing as Mugabe and his government are anathema to the values for which the World Wars were fought, I am glad the ceremony was not besmirched with its representatives.
  11. I trust that in the absence of the High Commission, a wreath was laid on behalf of Zimbabwe/Rhodesia by a representative from FCO?
  12. In theory, the Foreign Secretary's wreath represents the Commonwealth (as well as the individual ones laid by High Commissioners). Whether or not he was aware that this includes Zimbabwe we do not know - they all look the same to him, apparently.
  13. Of course not, hackle my friend! Zimbabwe has been tipexed from the map of the world in the FCO and it's not to be spoken of in public or private. By order of the People's Commisaar for Ethical Foreign Policy, Jack Straw.
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Not sure that either representative would be correct Old Chap, it's only in the last five or six years we've had any Zimbabweans at all in the forces, and the majority of those few are still serving.

    Zimbabwe and what it stands for has never 'answered the call.'

    But I did see a number of Rhodesian faces amongst the vets marching past today.
  15. Well then that's all the representation that is needed, or indeed that there can be.