Remembrance Day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Unsworth, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. Not long now to Remembrance Day.

    As usual, I shall make a point of being on parade with many other former servicemen and women. My local town does this well, with a proper form up and (short!) march through the town, wreath-laying at the war memorial and so on.

    I always come away from the parade with a tear in my eye and a renewed sense of pride and admiration for these honourable men and women, many of whom are in their later years. It's remarkable how every year they make the effort to turn up and honour their fallen colleagues - and now, of course - some of a younger generation.

    And, as usual, we can expect to see Her Majesty and others laying wreaths at the Cenotaph, and the old comrades marching or being wheeled along Whitehall.

    But I'm at a loss to describe my feelings as I anticipate the sight of Godon Brown and his colleagues, such as Des Browne, laying wreaths and standing there with head bowed. Of course, Tony Blair will be conveniently ensconced in his palace in the Middle-East. What of others such as John Reid? What of those senior MoD figures? Perhaps Dannatt will be one of the few who can look these courageous ex-servicemen and women squarely in the eye.

    Maybe we should all make the point of turning out on the day and swelling the ranks. It's one way to shown that they and the things they have fought for are not forgotten.
  2. Its on a Sunday so there should be no excuse for most of us!

    Is it true that some local authorities in England are not going to support Remembrance Day as it may upset some of their voters.
  3. To be fair to the politicians, you'd hate them a hell of a lot more if they didn't show up...
  4. I haven't seen any evidence of it
  5. There is always someone these days who wants to avoid a Remembrance Day service on H&S, PC or just plain political grounds. It seems that some bitter, didn't serve or doesn't believe in war so it shouldn't be remembered, gadget, out to make a name for themselves, pops up each year.

    Our continued commitment to remembering the dead of ALL conflicts is vital, if the incredible sacrifices of history - past, long ago or in the making - are not to be forgotten. After all, countries who forget their pasts are often condemned to relive them.

    My father rather naively went to war in 1940 so I wouldn't have to. How wrong he was. I myself sort of thought that by serving, my own son hopefully wouldn't have to. So far I seem to be right because he has about as much interest in the military as I do in Formula 1 racing!
  6. Maybe, then again maybe not. I would find it very difficult to restrain myself from doing them a severe physical damage if I found myself alongside some of them.

    Interesting how Thatcher could hold her head up, whereas the great showman Blair simply looked as if he found the whole thing embarrassing.

    And I'm not sure that I could hate some of these monsters 'a lot more'...
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I'm looking at coming over to my home city,Birmingham for it.Probably come on the Sat & fly home Monday.
    Any ARRSER's going? (Yes,I know,silly question! But is the a crawl planned for the Sat night or after?)