Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by scarletlancer5, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. I Am looking for support from ex service personnel, My Idea is to not give the Salute by giving eyes Right/Left at the saluting Dias if there are any Politicians (three main parties)on the dias. After all they show utter disregard for the Forces. I intend no disrespect for those who have fallen, as I and my family have served our Country, back as far as Boer war, my son serving now has done Telic 1,5,8. These politicians show no respect so why should we, I have for the last few years Kept eyes front and one occasion marched around the dias, due to the fact an MP was taking the salute, I know its not much but It will show the Politicians they can not keep treading on the forces and ex forces with the contempt they do, we know how to fight, lets fight now for those who are serving, to get things changed for them.

    Please dont tell me to stay away from the parades, its my way of paying my respect to those fallen commrades and family and freinds.
  2. I have heard of some only doing Eyes right or left toward the Cenotaph if the MPs so on are not standing in front of it
  3. You have a problem with our politicians, and that's all you have to offer? How about standing for office? How about making a real difference rather than feeling smug about yourself?
  4. gonna be a busy day for protests

    the Royal Irish / UDR are planning to hand back their GSM NI medals as a protest at the disbandment of the home service battalions

    'If you cant beat them (with a big sh1tty stick IMHO), join them!!
    stand for parliament - but it would have to be a major party that you join to make a difference!!!!

    How many politicians do you see standing at the Cenotaph with medals on their chests nowhere days?
    Answer - very very few
  5. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Not everyone is cut out for office, Cheesypoptart. Scarletlancer sounds quite balanced. Totally unsuitable for the role! :D

    The salute is for the Monarch, not the scum, otherwise I would be in wholehearted agreement.
  6. I've never been able to understand why politicians are allowed to play such a major part of the Remembrance Service at the Cenotaph.

    After all, wars are caused by politicians. Surely their only role should be as apologists for the part they and their predecessors play in the deaths of so many, rather than honoured and coddled as they appear to be.

    The real guests of honour are the veterans who stand so long in the cold waiting to pay their tributes. It angers and saddens me that they are required to wait until all the big wigs have gone to a nice warm reception.

    The least they could to is stand up straight while the really important people march past. However, as usual, they do rather less than the least!
  7. so shouldn't it be

    the veterans line the the streets - and the politicians should march from one end to the other saluting the veterans?

  8. So would Winnie have been able to stand at the Centataph, seeing as he was both soldier and politician - would You deny Paddy Ashdown or Airey Neive when He was alive.

  9. Absolutely, if they chose to attend in their political capacity. Otherwise, they would join the ranks and march with the rest.

    After all, as ex-serving, would they be worth any more or less than any other?
  10. You have a problem with our politicians, and that's all you have to offer? How about standing for office? How about making a real difference rather than feeling smug about yourself.

    I have stood for office as an independent and put my money where my mouth is now I intend standing for the England's Parliamentary Party a party who cares about serving and ex service personnel, I have never felt smug about myself.
  11. Like it or not, a senior cabinet member is an appointed and, importantly, commissioned officer of Her Majesty's Government. Fail to abide by the courtesies that are required when you are in uniform and you let down yourself, your impartiality as a soldier and the Army as a whole.
  12. I do appreciate that old chap and I would always observe the correct etiquette and strive never to besmirch the good name of the services.

    However, I do stand by my opinion.
  13. This Party?