Remembrance Day

Discussion in 'Australia' started by nik_kershaw, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. As a former soldier I was looking to see if the Royal British Legion had a representative in Canberra and also if they had anything for the serving and former serving soldiers in Australia? Are Poppy's being sold in Canberra, if so where as I haven't seen any about. Any help would be great
  2. I have had a look at this site and there isn't any mention of the RBL and there only appears to be stuff from the RSL. I may try the high commission here
  3. There's a bloke selling poppies at the Canberra Centre most days.
  4. I haven't seen many Poppies for sale in Northern Queensland but I have noticed that quite a few RSL clubs will be holding ceremonies on Wednesday, maybe Poppies will be available there. The main reason it isn't as big over here is because the Australians have AnZAC Day in April as their day of Remembrance.
  5. It is the same here in WA. Poppy sellers seem to be a dying breed! Very sad state of affairs.

    As luck would have it, my work colleague and I spotted one the other day outside a shopping mall. He was a Vietnam Vet, a lovely bloke. He got all my wiinings from Tuesday's Melb Cup, and a hug :D .

    I hope you guys manage to find some sellers out there
  6. I have some off E-Layer, I got them the other day. I have just watched the Camp Bastion service on the BBC website. Talk about putting a lump in your throat. Makes it all so real with yet another death today
  7. Bad timing I'm afraid, I left Townsville not long ago. I have a friend there at the moment but won't see him until next week. I'm going to pop down to the RSL in Mount Isa tomorrow to see about Parade plans for Wednesday so will see if I can pick one up there. <fingers crossed>
  8. I am in Darwin at the mo on a course and two days ago in the big shopping centre (Causarina?) there were a few RSL fellas selling poppies. The poppies are a little different to the RBL ones but it is the thought that counts.
  9. I was wearing mine at work today and I was asked by a couple of people what it was as i am wearing a British Poppy.
  10. I just attended the service held at the Australian War Memorial. It was a very touching service, although it was small, the emotion was clear to see all around.