Remembrance Day - Whos Who?

Well, it's almost upon us again, the day we all remember the fallen, both military and civilian, who will never return. Then there are the casualties who bear the terrible scars in physical or mental forms. On ‘Remembrance Day’ we shall remember them and our participation in distant lands in our own special way, that’s our right.

Perhaps some don't care to be reminded, it's too hard, the grief still remains, painful memories that are still very raw, graphic and real, and are harder to cope with and contain as each day passes. Remembrance is especially difficult for them, we should pray for them to seek the courage to ask for help, let’s not suffer in silence any longer than is necessary. We should pray for those who support them, the unsung heroes, friends, partners, children, parents and professionals.

There will be those this weekend, who will be silent, engrossed in their own thoughts, very personal to them, who will take a back seat, they probably won't even look like servicemen or women, they may even look ‘down’ and ‘out of luck’, they may indeed be in uniform they may not. One thing we can be assured of this Sunday, is there are those who will be at the front, even marching, who will shine, showing bags of pride and a deep respect for these who cannot be there. Who knows, who is who?

This Sunday, let’s make a little difference; acknowledge those who are there, say hello, a nod of the head, anything just to show our camaraderie. There’s not that many undesirables at ‘Remembrance Parades’ after all.

We stand this weekend, united as one, proud to be present. We may have family with us, we may not, what we will have is camaraderie and a special bond that only those who were affected by the trauma and terror of conflict can relate.

Whatever brings us to stand together on Sunday, be aware that you are not alone.

Thanks for reading this, see you Sunday.

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