Remembrance Day - Whats That?

" they" did a survey in Canada.. result:

86% want Remembrance Day to be a National Statutory Holiday [ in some provinces it already is a day off ]

same survey:

only 20% of people said they were actually planning to attend a Remembrance Service.


obviously folks just want another excuse to sit around or shop at Walmart, and don't give a sh!t about the Military in any way shape or fashion/historic sense...

Wondered what the response would be in the UK or US these days...


Well you must remember that a huge part of Canadas population has arrived since the end of the Korean war and the start of the we love the UN era under the Liberals. Not that many Canucks coming in since say 56 and Hungary will even know much about Canadas contribution to the Empire in 2 world wars. Sad but true if I believe my many canuckistan friends!
Maybe only 26% can get the time off work to attend a parade as it isn't a holiday?

OK I seriously doubt that is the only reason that only 26% are planning to attend a parade. I know of several people who would much rather go somewhere quiet and remember in their own way.
I was expecting this to be a thread about Jade Goody, is she dead yet?
Not wishing to pee on your chips but its not that surprising.

I'm not a fire breathing lefty but I like my May Day Bank Holiday.

May Day Bank Holiday.

Same thing here. Average bloke / ette in the street?

"Do you want a Remembrance Bank Holiday?" Yup.

"Are you going to an act of Remembrance?" Nope.

As a matter of Fact I'd say the Remembrance Sunday night will have pubs full of pissed chavs who only care for their next alcopop.

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