Remembrance Day Video - Army, RN, RM, RAF Remembered. RIP.

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by RFUK, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. Here's a video which I made for remembrance day. I'd like to get some feedback as I plan to copy it to DVD and distribute it for the 11th. If anyone else wants the DVD quality file, get in touch.

    For those of you who've seen my other videos, apologies if it's fairly similar, but I wanted to keep a similar feel. Also, youtube does strange things to the compression so a couple of the photos are fuzzy. Again, if you want the full quality version, let me know.

    Here's the link -

    Feedback much appreciated.
  2. First Class!!!
    Well done that man.
  3. Excellent mate, always very sad to think when you look at those faces full of life that they're no longer here.

  4. Again excellent effort.

    Well done fella.
  5. Thanks for the comments. Should also add, suggestions and crticism much appreciated also.
  6. Just one suggestion mate.

    Don't ever give up - You are brilliant
  7. I don't normally go for all the sentimental clap trap that we see on the WWW, Maybe a little jaded from the usual diet of Spam jingoism, but i found myself very moved by that little piece of work.

    Thanks for knocking my cynicism and making me realise that there are still things left in the world that at are worth shedding a tear or two over.

    Top job RFUK

    and RIP lads and lasses.
  8. The only thing I could think of mate is to add a bit more footage from Iraq/Afghan, that way your average civvy realises whats caused it a bit more and it will hit home more to them, maybe wrong though.
  9. RFUK, Well done that struck the nail on the head, one criticism though, maybe adding some WW1, WW2 footage and perhaps the Falklands, apart from that you should be showing the BBC how to do it.

  10. The reason there isn't much is that the footage from Iraq and Afghanistan is either bone as fcuk (released by the MoD) or shot on cameraphones etc. It looks great on youtube (see my other vids*), but I wanted to keep this one high-res for big screens in pubs etc. on remembrance day.

    *Afghanistan Vid, Iraq Vid
  11. Fair one, don't suppose that the MOD would give u any footage either, you could ask ITN news though, they don't see eye to eye with the MOD as the moment!
  12. TV around remembrance day is saturated with WW1 and WW2 footage. I wanted to keep it within the last couple of years in the hope that people realise it's still going on. I want to drive home to the public that when a serviceperson dies, it isn't just a number on a sheet of paper or some stern faced guy in a uniform but a person with family and friends and a sense of humour who sat in the pub and shot the sh*t with his mates or opened presents with his kids on christmas day.
  13. RFUK, can you put this onto Rear Party please, there's a couple of journalists sniffing around RP at the moment and one may pick it up.


    (I'm a total tech muppet and can't seem to be able to do it :oops: )
  14. Roger. It's on there now in current affairs!
  15. Not to be a wet blanket...but have you considered the copyright issue?

    You are probably infinging copyright when you reproduce and distribute the DVD. Possible infringing materials are:

    - the pictures
    - the music

    Thought you'd like to know.

    Of course, I wonder who will want to risk rasining a stink over this but you never know...