Remembrance Day Stupidity

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Nov 9, 2007.

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    Ahh, that annual fixture in the national calendar! The respectable and law-abiding are crushed by the wheels of bureauracy, which ignore the feckless and criminal! Here is this year's list of shame from the Daily Mail (where else?):

    The List of Shame top three:

    1. Hilary Beach of Chepstow. What a clown! Fix bayonets, chaarrge!
    2. Castle Bromwich - West Midlands Police. The boys in blue should be persona non grata at parades, receptions and in Legions throughout the West Midlands.
    3. Sutton Parks Police Service. Fire them from cannons instead!


    As an afterthought: is this a ruse to give the hapless minister an open goal?
  2. Hilary Beach really hasn't a clue has she? And Chepstow of all places - hardly somewhere that doesn't boast a military history all of its own.
  3. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    As an afterthought: is this a ruse to give the hapless minister an open goal?[/quote]

    This is so bloody typical, yet thick headed. Since when has an army regiment carrying weapons been likely to inspire gun crime? How many Riflemen fire their weapon sideways whilst wearing gold necklaces?

    As for the Parks police being replaced by a 'Safer Parks' project; well, that just says it all. It ranks alongside all the skate boarding BMx riding gimmicks that the Metropolitan Police, Drama and Socially Inclusive Depating society.
  4. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ranting begin. For F*CKS SAKE.

    These people are idiots - what the f*ck is going on in this country ? And people ask me why I want to emigrate when my military career is over ? Easy answer there:

    - This country is run by idiots who perpetuate more useless fu*kwits at lower levels
    - The Government steal our hard-earned cash and call it tax
    - They give said money to tossers who are idle, don't deserve it or protest against democracy
    - Immigration policy is sh*te
    - They don't budget enough to maintain H M Forces and more importantly look after (generic) us and our families properly when we go on ops and get wounded or killed. Oh and they show us fu*k all respect.
    - Many other reasons but I won't bang on anymore.

    Nice to see a Minister responding to such attitudes but he should be a bit more blunt in his use of language and rip them a new ar*sehole.

    I am fu*king furious. Rant over.
  5. You're right Soldier-Poet. Britain, and especially England, has become the dustbin of Europe with more chav, scally, freeloading, windowlicking, illiterate yobs per square metre than any third rate southern hemisphere nation on the earth. No wonder so many are leaving the army and emigrating to Europe.

  6. Stupid bitch.
  7. Sums it it up beautifully. :roll:

    Hardly anyone seem to give a f*ck about the sacrifices made on our behalf anymore, except those who were there, the relatives left behind, or serving and ex-serving who have an understanding of what it's all about. I despair at the attitudes of many in this country now days.
  8. I despair.

  9. ... And with good reason.
    Absolutely bloody shameful.
  10. Rifles parading may encourage gun crime? I would have thought parading with shovels would be more of a worry? 8)

    What - a - silly - sad - stupid - woman...
  11. I've suddenly noticed how naked I feel!
  12. I really do despair, there was once a day (or so I'm told,) when Brits were world leaders in common sense, railways and tea consumption. Now we lack in all three. To borrow from my DS, this country needs to "man up" a bit, and have a good think about what we are remembering-we're at war now just as in other decades, and we didn't see this kind of bloody nonsense back then (again, so I'm told!)

    Disgusted of Rant-on-Farthing

  13. Erm...that's because you are sir. Do you think you could possibly dress away from the web-cam now and pop this blanket around you? Thanks...
  14. It almost makes me want to go out & purchase a cannon myself, go to the park & fire it at the appropriate time & if anyone should try to stop me I should be obliged to call them a c&nt in a very loud voice & possibly slap them.

    As for the rifles marching without rifles, who's going to stop them? If I were commanding the parade I'd still do it & b*ll*cks to the consequences! Though perhaps that may be career suicide, it would get press attention for a worthy cause wouldn't it?

    I remain &tc,

  15. I will probably get jumped on but the answer to me is to bring back National Service. Yes I know it would be expensive and create problems but IMHO the good would outweigh the bad in terms of sorting out todays youth who will be tomorows elders. It would give them a sense of belonging and direction. An Israeli cannot play football for his country until he has done his National Service. Nationally they may be cr@p at kicking a bag of air about on a football pitch and may or maybe not be good soldiers but generally do not have the social problems UK has............ Sightly off thread I know but do you think if the stupid bitch mentioned above or any of the other fückwits served in the forces we wolud have had this problem?