Remembrance day; saluting

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Swamp_Rat, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. Please can someone clarify;

    When is the appropriate time to salute?

    Thank you.
  2. When the colours present themselves to you swampy ;)

    J8.020. When standards, guidons and colours are uncased they are to be saluted with the highest honours, except when carried by personnel forming part of the escort of a military funeral.
  3. At the marching on of the colours.

    At any Royal Salute, Vice-Regal Salute or General Salute.

    During Last Post through to the last note of Reveille (yes during the two minutes silence).

    God Save The Queen.

    O, Canada.

    Any other National Anthem (yes, even those countries we don't like).

    As ordered by the Pde Comd.

    At the marching off of the Colours.
  4. Very concise wotan, thankyou :)

    Sharp salutes at O, Canada lads!!
  5. I remember being a guest on a USN vessel for a "non-cocktail" reception (US ships are "dry") for the Japanese naval vessel that was docked alongside. Close to sundown (anout 15 mins early) there was a very peculiar bugle call from the Japanese vessel. All USN faced the colours and saluted, assuming it was evening colours. All Japanese, after a brief hesitation, did likewise. Afterwards discovered that they had saluted for Mail Call.
  6. Listen up, cock-jaws, if you are trying to be snide, the 113,000 of my countrymen that died defending your piss-ant island wouldn't be amused, and neither am I.

    O, Canada is our anthem and we also salute "God Save The Queen". She is the Queen of Canada and also happens to hold claim to a smallish group of islands off the coast of Europe....about enough to fill our Great Lakes, not including the part owned by the Yanks.

    If you don't want to salute "O, Canada", fair enough. Just remember, in 1939, ours was the ONLY fully equipped division in the UK. Don't expect us to come round next time....rely on your friends in the EU.
  7. Forgot to add.....Enjoy Helmand when we leave...we are taking our snipers with us you ******* muppet.
  8. hmmm, wotan you seemed to have got out the wrongside of your bed.....dont think he was taking the t wat.....
  9. Phucking calm down you belter.....

    I reckon it's only you who saw that quip as a pissstake. It wasn't.

    Put your toys away and phuck off to bed.

    Oh, and urine-ant Island...?? I'm not too sure what that means - but I'm equally sure it's not very nice. Do tou reckon the 113,000 would agree with your description of this smallish group of rocks...??

    No - thought not.
  10. Relax Wotan.

  11. Fcuk me what the hell is wotan on next there will be a call to
    " strip tops off and fight like gypsies"
  12. Calm down Wotan.

    I don't think you are doing your country, or its forces, any favours by essentially gloating about leaving allies in the lurch.

    Like the idea of saluting mail call. Only the yanks salute EVERY thing, whether it moves, or not.

  13. Congratulations!! You win the 'spunk-bubble of the day award' :roll:
  14. Wotan are you a f**king halfwit. Canada is the finest place I ever served. 12 months Wainwright, the Canadian girls were something special. Canada did its bit, and you were better off when you were closer to the Mother Country, using the .303 and wearing BD's, rather than being the largest state in the Union. I for one think Canada always was the Jewel in the imperial Crown. So wind your stupid neck in. I would gladly salute your anthem.
  15. Just to get back on thread:

    Add to this, If you are in a formed parade group, you only salute or move when ordered to do so. Right or Wrong.