Remembrance Day "Political Event"

The sad thing is that this sort of thing does not surprise me anymore.

Really is time for the 'Night of the Generals'.
well I can see that the council doesn't want people doing their own private copying on council machinery paid for by taxpayers - who is trying to make a political point here? A good result that he has got them done free - and probably much better quality than off a work photocopier
A "Havering Council Spokesman"....says it all really.

What a bunch of pathetic ejits.
From the Daily Mail Article

'"The council also provides wreaths which are laid by councillors at services in Hornchurch, Upminster, Harold Hill and Rainham."

As a volunteer collector for the poppy appeal and a Branch Official at my local RBL I have supplied the wreaths for my local council to be laid by the Mayors Representatives at the Boro memorial services.

Yes they do pay for these wreaths but there is a 'suggested donation' per wreath which is shown as a minimum. For the last 3 years they have paid the minimum for the wreaths. This is in contrast to the fact that we get pensioners purchasing wreath obviously in remembrance of a loved one lost many years ago and in most cases pay more than the suggested donation.

I get the impression from the mayors office perhaps by the droids that run it and manage the place that this event is seen as a unnecessary inconvenience rather than a dignified annual local remembrance event which of course it should be.

Last year after the parade as is usual we assembled in the local Legion for drinks and canapes. The sitting MP (Labour) addressed those present thanking the veterans for turning out, the officials of the RBL and the church for the organisation and a fine service and of course the Poppy collectors for their hard work during the proceeding fortnight. There was nothing in his words that could be labelled political (this despite his attempt to stand against Gordon Broon for the leadership a few Months later (now there is a clue for you)).

There was a local tory councillor present who was the mayors rep and laid the wreath on his behalf and of course on behalf of the boro. He took great exception to this and made sure everyone within earshot knew it. I took great exception to this and told this chap so. His agenda was simply that the MP should not speak no matter what.

These events are purely about honouring and remembering our glorious dead not for political gain.
I wonder how many former employees of the council (or even councillors?) are amongst those named on the memorials in their area? Quite a few, I'm sure.

So the council still want to make a fuss about a few photocopies, despite the fact its their own employees' sacrifice that's being remembered!
Hmm, sounds like some t**t who doesnt really know much about "politics".
I dont think its someone whos against remembrance sunday, just shit scared of any **** little rules being broken. Shame theres no one there in authority willing to slap c*cksuckers like that down.
Sounds like a cockup to me, some local government bod making a bad call. Of course it would interesting to see if the said document actually did contravene the rules, i.e. self-publicity, party publicity, that sort of thing.
in_the_cheapseats said:
A "Havering Council Spokesman"....says it all really.

What a bunch of pathetic ejits.
Indeed, I was under the impression that all council spokesmen are haverers...

to haver
Third person singular
Simple past
Past participle
Present participle

to haver (third-person singular simple present havers, present participle havering, simple past havered, past participle havered)

(Northern England, Scottish) to hesitate.
(UK) to hem and haw
(Scotland) To maunder; to talk foolishly; to chatter; talking nonsense; foolish; babble

I am no longer surprised by anything emanating from the 'official class' of Bliar's Britain.

By chance I was moved, as a child, to Romford on 17th of May 1941, which I am led to believe, but I am willing to be corrected, was the night of the Luftwaffe's heaviest raid on London.

I wonder how many of the knob-faced gits who made this pathetic decision were also in Romford on that night. If any were, then they should HANG THEMSELVES IN SHAME.
It's about time all government officials who are in a position to make a decision are responsible for the decision they make.

eg Mr Morethan Myjobsworth says that X is the case. If M'learned Friend then looks at the law and sees that Mr MM is talking bolleaux and interpreting the law wrongly, Mr MM should then be sacked, (or in the case of many local govt types reduced back to the rank of shop steward).

It's called personal responsibility, and it is the one thing that these people (and if Margaret Hodge, a govt minister and ex leader od Lambeth, is to be believed her sort) fear.

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