Remembrance Day Parade Westminster - I have a ticket but a problem?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bryansmith, Oct 4, 2011.

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  1. Right you bright sparks out there!

    How do I get to the Remembrance Parade at Westminster on Sunday 13 Nov 11 for 10am form up ?

    Cardiff has no train that arrives until after the parade actually starts at 11am !!!!!!!

    Both the MegaBus and National Express expect me to get up before 4am in the morning no chance on my medication.

    Can anybody help me please ?
  2. Come up the day before and stay over at Union Jack Club. Jubilee line Waterloo to Westminster in the morning
  3. that's a good and sensible option thank you for that fairy_nuff, but I have got my ticket late as a result of spare tickets dished out by the RSA only this week. Will I be able to get into the Union Jack Club this late?
  4. doesn't matter fairy_nuff have just checked the UJC site and it is fully booked good plan but failed on outcome, thanks !!!!
  5. Travelodge often has cheapish rates in London on a weekend.

    Victory Services Club is another option - but likely to be full.
  6. thanks Hobo-Ken will try now for VSC and Travelodge....................
  7. Megabus M7 from Cardiff (Castle): Boulevard De Nantes, Kingsway at 06:30. Gets to Victoria Coach Station at 09:30.

    National Express 509 from Bus Station, Central Square at 06:00. Gets to Victoria Coach Station at 09:10.

    National Express Airport 201 from Cardiff Bus Station (B2) (on Central Square) at 05:35. Travel to Heathrow then Heathrow Express to Paddington, arriving there at 09:09.

    All from Route Planner, Online Journey Planner & Travel News | Transport Direct
  8. thanks for that putteesinmyhands I did a search like that but did not come up with those answers!!!!! some good options there..........
  9. cheers Hobo-Ken just sent enquiry form off to VSC fingers crossed !