Remembrance Day parade scrapped for first time in 60 years o

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RoyalAnglianMum, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Remembrance Day parade scrapped for first time in 60 years over 'health and safety' fears

    It is a quintessential part of being British: that in towns and cities up and down the country people march to commemorate the war dead on Remembrance Sunday.

    But the parades that take place the length and breadth of the land could soon be a thing of the past thanks to the latest ruling from health and safety officials.
  2. Why is it that millions can be spent on closing roads and policing for the Notting Hill Carnival, Gay Pride et al, but people who have actually served their country are not able to remember those no longer here?

    Time for a spot of civil disobedience, in my view.
  3. Well, if loads of veterans turn up of their own volition, meet and decide to march in the direction of the local cenotaph, followed by a church service - it wouldn't look very good for the police to break it up.

    As to the councils - it is not their money (they always seem to say "the council cannot afford") - it's local taxpayers money FFS - if we had to get rid of something - get rid of the councillors.
  4. Sweet Jesus! I'm disgusted and appalled but unfortunatly not shocked, wondered when the health and saftey fascists would get round to this. What spinless weasels that council all are.
  5. Fcuk insurance. Did the 60,000 casualties on the first day of the Somme have insurance? No. Simple: turn up and march. Fcuk the bureaucrats!
  6. Surely to God this must be a wind-up?

    If it isn't then it is up to all who wish to attend to pitch up regardless.

    I am sure the police will be very reluctant to intervene.
  7. PC cnuts are taking over the world!!!!!
  8. If it comes to it, i'll steal a sodding lollipop and a hi-vis jacket and walk in front of them.

    H+S my arrse. There is no way that that particular march is going to be suspended. Not on my shift.
  9. Hang on. They CHARGE to close the roads on Remembrance Day?


    It's like charging a firefighter for the privilege of entering your house and rescuing you.
  10. As I only live about 40 miles from Horwich I am seriously considering contacting as many ex servicemen as I can in this area and going to Horwich on the 11 .
  11. H&S is just a farce now.

    Boulton council should pay those who served to march down their streets.
  12. Not that I don’t find this outrageous, however, rather than blaming the police for trying to not be sued. Or the councils for not being able to afford the costs.

    How about blaming the ignorant f*CKERS who’s own self important little inconsiderate lives mean that much, that on remembrance Sunday they are prepared to run around a group of road marshals and plough into a group of Brownies. :evil: :twisted: :evil:

    Therefore the parents sue, and therefore the cost of the event becomes unfeasible. Strike 2 to the NIMBY’s
  13. Pub crawl around the village Saturday Night anyone?

    Parade nice and sharp at 1045 hrs next morning.

    If there were any respect left in this country there wouldn't be any traffic to stop at 11 o'clock on Remembrance Sunday. Some people need to go to the Menning Gate at Ypres, where the people there stop every evening and listen to the last post being played. Perhaps the people of the UK need to experience the jack-boot of tyranny before they wake up, remember and never let it happen again.
  14. I don't think you'd find any police officers who would be willing to break it up. I wouldn't. In fact i'd probably join in.

    Council Cnuts!
  15. This story was all the rage last year and I remeber the ARRSe debate well.

    To be honest, I don't blame Police Constabularies and Local Councils for wanting to not get sued.

    It's worth remembering that it's the petty minded money grabbers of all generations who put them in this position in the first place.