Remembrance Day - Not allowed to wear my medal!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shrimper, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. We were not allowed to wear our medals on remembrance day parade in town because we were in combats. I don't think that is fair, many of us have served our country with regulars on operations. We don't get given No2's. The regular RSM in charge of the parade was apparantly the one who said no to it. We have been allowed in the past, still a bit hacked off really, or am I making a fuss about nothing?
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  2. IIRC It is against regs to wear them with 95's?

    BUT, most units.
  3. It is against regs but fair point, always thought the french had the right idea, "good enough to die in, good enough to parade in"

  4. I always wondered why the French army, apart from the Legion, bothered having any 'combat' kit! :twisted:
  5. I suggest you tab in to the Badge and express your 'outrage' to him (or her I suppose).
    If you dont get issued with any other uniform to display your medal(s) exactly when are you supposed to wear them?
    Your badge is a twot, if it was his or her decision. Tell him I said so.

    p.s. the TA unit at the Salford cenotaph on Sunday were in CS 95 were wearing their gongs......scruffy looking, yes, but in the absence of any other uniform...........
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The dress regs stipulate that it's at the commander's (can't recall what level, but guessing CO) discretion.

    We paraded with medals on C95's once and we got applause and cheers from the public that time. Might have been coincidental, but it felt good to be appreciated.
  7. You might also point out to the badge that if you cant wear them in CS95, the only time they will be on display is on the right breast of a close relative or on your chest in a pine box.
  8. Or - here's a thought - you could try bearing in mind that Rememberance Sunday is primarily about honouring the dead, not bigging yourself up. It's always nice to wear your medals but it looks utter pump in Cbt 95.
  9. Just how is wearing your clankers, whilst serving, 'bigging it up'?
  10. What the fuk does that mean? Does this mean I can walk up to some old bloke with a chest full of gongs and say 'YOU FEKKIN SHOW OFF!'. The logical conclusion is that you never wear any medals ever.

    On any parade I have had to do in C95 people have always been alowed to 'big themselves up' with gongs, and this sunday was no exception.
  11. The HCR, as usual, observed Remembrance at the Garrison Church in Windsor; this year they were wearing C95 with medals (including Cornet Wales the Younger) :D
  12. Get over yourself, The people who need to know, know.

    At rememberence you are remembering those that made the ultimate sacrifice it's not about making yourself look good.
  13. No - it means medals look good on 2s, good on blazers but total shite on Cbt 95. I'm one of the last people to grumble about how the army has gone to the dogs (it hasn't) but one thing that has changed for the worst is that some people seem to have become completely obsessed with medals. Get over it, parade in what your badge tells you to parade in and look forward to sticking them on your blazer when your old and crumbly (or when you get a new badge).
  14. Wedge, supposing someone thinks medals look shite on 2's?
    FFS most blokes in the TAs dont get 2s and always end up on parade in combats. I dont agree with that but the way things are if we get 2s something else would have to give.
    This condems TA blokes to looking like they have never been anywhere or done anything. If I am told by a badge that I cannot wear medals I am not going to cry about it, my point is that I think it is wrong. Just my opinion.
  15. Have you not seen the news. I think you'll notice there are plenty of lads not living long enough to "get old and crumbly" Instead they are earning gongs left right and centre then getting killed or injured.

    If you had raised this a few years ago I wouldn't have been too fussed but the way things are going... Let the lads be proud of what they earnt. I wore mine for the first time this year and got several pats on the back, and my hand shook more times than i care to remember...

    Nice feeling to know that people give a sh1t. That didn't take anything away from the dust in my eye when last post played.