Remembrance day is for ALL

Remembrance Day
Not for us “Going over the top” through the terrible mud of the Somme.
(But we fought for our country as well.)
Not for us watching friends burn to death in a tank fight at El Alamein.
(But we fought for our country as well.)
Not for us the famous “last stand” at the Imjin in North Korea.
(But we fought for our country as well.)

No, ours was a war that most think “best forgot” and a source of continuing shame.
For the very first act that a new government did was surrender to the IRA.
I’d love to forget, play rugby and run, or even just walk without pain.
But the wounds that I have make me just “half a dad” unable to play with my sons.
Just a walk down the street is a painful ordeal and the sounds of the town do not help.
For the towns where I fought had noises like these,
and ‘twas on streets just like these my friends fell.

So next November when you write or talk of Remembrance Day, please join the (enlightened) few who talk of remembering the dead and wounded of ALL the wars we have fought in.

(Written some years ago after having a bunch of civvies stand in front of my wheelchair blocking my view at local cenotaph, then hearing every conflict except NI listed in the service)

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