Remembrance Day in Northern Germany

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Schleswig-Holstein, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. Folks,

    does anyone know if there is a web-accessible list of where 'official' British Remembrance Day ceremonies are being held in Northern Germany?

    I'm asking as I live well away from any British bases (I live in Plön, between Kiel and Lübeck), but would like to pay my respects. Also, I have talked to our students (German, French, Chilean) about what the day means and to their credit, they are keen to attend and pay their respects.

    If we can't find anything we will be at the Nordfriedhof in Kiel, where 983 commonwealth & 9 Polish WWII dead are buried.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Bielefled, Hannover, Osnabrueck will have ceremonies in camp - you can go to the guardroom and ask to get in or ring the day before - speak to the padre and be collected - thats all i know sorry
  3. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    There are also services in Fallingbostel, Hohne and Celle.
  4. Dear (ehren) Plöner,

    I remember attending Rememberance Day ceremonies a couple of years on the trot, which were held in the "Hamburger Rathaus". The service was held by a Crab padre (I think from Gütersloh) and there were shiteloads of serving (in uniform) and ex-Army types there. Also very many Kraut civvies and Bundeswehr. Mind you, this was around the end of the Seventies and I've no idea if they continued the tradition. Might be worth asking, since Plön isn't all that far from HH.

  5. There's normally a presence at Becklingen, just North of Bergen on the B3. Should take you about 2 hours. Nice cemetry, very peaceful and well tended (of course).
  6. Cheers lads - much appreciated.
  7. S-H

    this will be your best bet

    The Freidhof is on the B3 and not within a camp.

    The local RBL will be there. Please feel free to contact them in Bergen,29303 just off Ziethen Str near the NATO Truppenplatz

    please, if you attend - write back and give us your thoughts.

    My father was a POW in a camp on the Polish Border - he had no hatred for the german people.
    'In war, no one wins - there are losses on both sides'
  8. Don't the Germans have theirs on the same day? Can't you join in with them or does it have to be the British one?
  9. I wasn't sure - all the local people I've asked looked at me as if I've just asked permission to sh@g their dog/daughter, so I didn't think so. However, Wikipedia states that the Germans do remember the victims of war on Volkstrauertag (3rd Sunday in November - a public holiday), but seems its not too popular here in Plön!

    Personally, I'd like to go and remember the British & Commonwealth dead, because I feel that I owe a lot of my personal good fortune (e.g. the fact I am free and can live and work in a non-nazi Europe) to their sacrifice... Also, a lot of them buried in Kiel are a long way from home (Aus, NZ, Canada).

    There is a graveyard for German soldiers from WWI & WWII just outside my town (including ca. 20 who copped it in the last 3 days of WWII). The graves are immaculate, but I have never seen any particular ceremony there.... I guess I'll attend on Volkstrauertag.
  10. If you don't mind me asking, how did you end up in such a small out of the way place like Ploen?
  11. Apart from being home to legions of geriatrics, a large Deutsche Marine base (where Dönitz actually headed Germany in May '45 after AH topped himself), and a fantastic Schloss (now a school for opticians), Plön is home to a Max Planck Institute. A few years ago, they were foolish enough to offer me a job.. I have to say, after being brought up by someone who had good reasons to hate the hun (i.e. they spent a good part of 1939-45 shooting at him), I love living/working here.
  12. Mate I'm sure the 'Kiel Sailing Centre' will be holding some sort of ceremony, why not tip up to that!
  13. There's one in Hamburg tomorrow- pm me for details.
  14. Cracking!
    I didn't know they were there! I'll be in touch with them ASAP.
  15. Just spoken to the Rear Commodore at Kiel, and am off to their ceremony.
    Thanks for all the pointers folks


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