Remembrance Day in Canada

Just to start off - I live in a province where November 11th is a Provincial Holiday. It was amazing to see the turnout, 7000 turned out in the city I live in (population 65,000) for the Remembrance parade, 5000 turned out at the provincial cenotaph (city popn ~50,000). They seem far more supportive over here of their armed forces than was the situation in the UK, at least until recently.

However, there is a video/song doing the rounds. It was sung in church and played at the Remembrance service on the big screen (yes, there was big screen). Thoughts? Opinions?
I moved out here two weeks ago and went to the local service in the small town I live in (pop about 20k). I was amazed that the local arena was packed to the rafters and the excellent service which included almost all the different community groups from the local car dealer, to the Air Cadets and OB.

The Cenotaph in the city I used to work in (pop about 150,000) attracted no more than a few hundred people including local units, OB, cadets etc. Here it attracted a few thousand. That says it all really as far as I'm concerned.

I'm also amazed at the huge media reporting in relation to remembrance day out here. Apparently 24% of the population attend services.
Crabby, when did you move to Canada? Welcome! And welcome Seagull to sunny Alberta as well.

In Alberta, Remembrance Day is not a provincial holiday and many people had to work. However, here in Calgary, we had 3 venues for Remembrance Day activities and they were all very well attended. I had the honour of attending one of those venues a couple of years ago with a young British squaddie. He wore his gong from Iraq very proudly and was approached by strangers asking about it. I think that made him feel even prouder of his achievements over there. Sadly, we had a soldier from Calgary who was recently killed in Afghanistan and was buried on Monday. It made Remembrance Day even that much more relevant.

Thank you to all you ladies and gents who have or are now serving.
Rather than start a new thread, decided to resurrect this one.

For those Canadians and transplanted Brits on here, what are your plans for Thursday?

For those attending one of the numerous services in the Toronto Area, anyone who is at the East York Service and/or shows up at my Legion branch (Branch 11 East Toronto) I'd be willing to stand them a drink. God knows if its anything like last year's and/or the one this Sunday past I'll be needing a drink or six. PM for details or just show, I'll be the one at the bar after ripping what's left of my hair put probably.

Oh yeah the woman Canader describes above will be in full force.
Rather than start a new thread, decided to resurrect this one.

For those Canadian's and transplanted Brits on here, what are your plans for Thursday?
Off to the local arena in my town for the service then off to work for my evening shift.
As Remembrance Day approaches again I thought I’d resurrect this thread again and post info on two parades/services in the Toronto area for those who wished to participate. For my sins at least for one more year I'm the Parade Marshall for both.

The first will be on Sunday November 4th at Branch 11 RCL in the East End of Toronto. Form up is 1300 in the Shoppers World Parking Lot Danforth Ave and Victoria Park. March off at 1330. We march along Danforth back to the Br 11 Legion at Dawes Rd for a service there, and then retire to the club room.

The Second on November 11th is the official East York Parade and Service. Form up is 1000 at East York Collegiate at Cosburn and Coxwell Ave at 1000h and march of at 1030 to the East York Civic Centre and the Cenotaph. Again Br 11 will be open after.

Dress as appropriate jacket and tie headdress and medals if one has them, although I'm not going got refuse anyone who served and shows up and asks to march or observe. Ok someone in Borat thong I may try and hide in the centre rank.

Anyone can PM me for further details.

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