Remembrance Day binned

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 184461, Oct 24, 2017.

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  1. It's the nature of the man. I read an account of a USMC Pl Comd doing the rounds of his Pl's trenches at stupid o'clock in the morning during the early days of Afghanistan. In one of his trenches he found Brigadier General Mattis sitting having a chat with the blokes on stag.
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  2. A man who has others interests at heart, trained soldier, one who will approach the situation with wisdom, foresight, experience, and compassion.

    Reassuring in the unpleasant escalation.
  3. While I was watching the Cenotaph Remembrance Service on Sunday, this photo pinged through on my WhatsApp.


    My nephews girlfriend is currently in SA , having fun surfing her arse off, but took time out to go and visit my uncles grave, and send it back as we were watching the bigger picture.
    How cool is that ! Lucky nephew.
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  4. There was a good photo of in The Times of Johnson Beharry VC pushing Sgt Bill Speakman VC in a wheelchair again this year at the cenotaph.

    He is wearing a Sgt's sash this year - has he been promoted in the last few months?

  5. Wearing Sergeant's tapes as well, that could be a bit of a hint ;)
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  6. He's a lance-Sgt isn't he? Never really understood your pongo ranks - like 'Cpl with a horse' or something similar.....'Private with a push-bike?'
  7. [nowah]

    Lance-Sergeant is a Guards thing -means Corporal.

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  8. A hint, you say?

    Well, have a hint from last year's ceremony;

  9. He’s worn sergeant stripes for a few years:

    On 1 June 2012 Beharry was promoted to corporal and moved to a public relations role with the Household Division. He therefore currently holds the appointment of lance sergeant, as do all corporals serving in the Household Division.
  10. Not everything on Wikipedia should be treated as gospel.
  11. Though it may account for the photos
  12. In that case I withdraw my comment above...
  13. Here is a uniform from Remembrance Day - right of picture - that most of us don't see very often.

    I believe he is one of the Captains of Invalids who were formerly known as Staff Warrant Officers of the Royal Hospital - distinguished by the frock coat and officers' sash.

    An ex-Guards RSM by the look of things
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  14. Fair enough.
    It was actually the sash, which (among other things) in the Guards, indicates the difference between Lance-Sergeant and Sergeant.

    Does anyone know what sash Sgt Speakman VC is wearing in the 2016 photo? It doesn't appear to be a sergeants' sash
  15. I knew JB as PWRR, and being an ex Donkey Walloper/Scaley would have thought the distinction was silver tapes for L/Sgt & gold for Sgt! We didn't really go in for sashes in the Units with which I served.