Remembrance Day binned

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 184461, Oct 24, 2017.

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  1. Who gave you a slap then?
  2. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    You had me all the way up to jazz. Man.
  3. Just a guess, did you see jazz and not listen?

    I started early, there were many renditions to choose from, it was quiet and respectful.

    And from what I have seen this morning, Remembrance Day has definitely not, nor ever will be ‘binned’.

    We are now onto the various associations marching past and the bands are now definitely in full swing with the marching music as respects are paid.
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  4. It was very smartly done.
    She is a good kid.
  5. Semi-binned here today. The Cenotaph was cordoned off while they clear a suspect device so there was a fair bit of improvising as to what happened where.
  6. Saw that the last post at the Cenotaph this morning was sounded by the Royal Marines.

    Thought at first they were 'the Silver Bugles', but possibly not as I believe these may have been retired.

    In 1920 Officers in the Royal Marines collected for and had made thirty-two silver bugles in memory of brother officers killed in the first war, eleven of which were given by individual officers in memory of individual officers or groups. These then issued in batches of eight to the Royal Marine Light Infantry Divisions of Chatham Portsmouth Plymouth and the Depot at Deal.

    Used on all commemorative parades in the Royal Marines and sounded on all important dates in the history of the Corps.
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  7. I have an old battered RM bugle.....just off to check for hallmarks...
  8. At our remembrance service, the US national anthem is always sung after Liz's song.
    We always get a contingent from the USAF, Wall to Wall airbases now and during the war.

    I always smile, because It sounds weird that we are singing a song in the UK about the yanks being amazed and grateful for surviving, after the Royal Navy bombarded the hell out of them in 1814.
  9. Bollocks to 'em, they started it; John Paul Jones tried to spike the guns and set fire to shipping in Whitehaven harbour back in 1778.
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  10. Just a bit of 'High Jinks'. You know what the Scots are like.
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  11. Different in the country I'm happy to report.
    My local branch has an ex UDR sarge as their outstanding Chairman. Anyone with paramilitary sympathies are pointed in the direction of Carrickfergus, and told not to come back.
    New 21 year Navy guy pitched up for yesterday's parade, having just settled in the town. Our President used to drive a Frigate, as far back as Suez !
    We have an Hon TA Col too.
    You're missing out - plenty of good branches around, identify one and enjoy the comradeship.
    PM me if you want the identity of mine.
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  12. I would like to to be a bit of a dissident with some of those dissidents.
  13. It was actually quite an interesting experience. Standing on a street corner in the cold with a group of guys from my old company, not exactly sure what is going on or how long it will last for with cordon tape flapping in the wind behind us. It was just like old times!
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  14. Our parade went well, plenty of the public turned up to watch as we made our way through the city centre (or they were out shopping and it made a nice distraction for them), it didn't rain and plenty of drinks were had in the bar afterwards well into the night.
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