Remembrance Day binned

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 184461, Oct 24, 2017.

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  1. Thanks skid. I was over earlier in the month, the 2 towns I always visit are Kilkeel and Portadown. Both had said flag flying and I am disgusted with Kilkeel given its tradition of military and police service. I am even more disgusted with Killicomaine Portadown who have a memorial to the miami showband murderers as part of their somme war memorial. Totally vile in my view, I spent most of my formative years living there. Is it true that the "wombles" have taken over the RBL in areas of Belfast?
  2. A very like.
  3. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    It wouldn’t surprise me. There was one in rathcoole direction which had a reputation but I think that was more UVF. I’m not even sure if the Sydenham one is still going but that would have been a prime target as would the Shankill if it had one.

    Despite being a member for years I’ve never set foot in one in NI, for no other reason than I wouldn’t know where to look.

    Im afraid the flags are a fixture everywhere and the myth that they are taken down at the end of the season just gets trotted out every year.
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  4. Until around 14:00, when the BNP try to subtly march/amble/lurch down from Victoria with a bass drum sounding!
  5. Can't remember the bnp or modern day equivalent as a regiment being awarded sovreign medals. Still my ticket also has an order of parade so unless the Monkeys have been given the Freedom of the City for the day I guess the Met have still a role to play.
  6. I saw them last year.
    Honestly, there was about 25 of 'em.
    Feeble doesn't begin to describe.
    A waste of plod (of who, of course, there were far too many)
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  7. Just watched a very good documentary on McCudden and Mannock two First World War VC’s in the RFC who both lost their lives just before the war ended.

    Just two of a group of RFC men McCudden, McElroy, Mannock, who though not all native born, were proud of their heritage, and loved the air. They surely slipped the surly bonds, danced in deadly sunlit skies before they fell.

    They, and all those others of every service, from every part of these isles, who have given their lives in war, in defence of, or for their country, who are remembered, by at least some, who deeply appreciated their ultimate sacrifice, this month.
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  8. I am booked to stay in UJC for a few days, I always meet someone I knew in past life at this festival. A warning though: last year there was a male guy walking around trying to be sociable but giving out a queers handshake (fcku PCness). He was punched by someone and kicked out. I'm not going to punch you, but I will spit in your face and tell you I have syphilis. Moral of the story, don't go around a veterans function hoping to score shiitsabbingly, try Soho instead.
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  9. .......hmmm.......good job there never where any gay servicemen or women then, please take your homophobia back into your closet.....and don't flatter yourself sweety x

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  10. Are you sure he definitely wasn't one of those pesky female guys.
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  11. I love lady-boys
  12. Just saying that post remembrance day parade is not the time to hand out gay sex suggestions to veterans. How would any of you feel if I started touching up your wives at the same function?
  13. Has been the case for as long as I can remember, if not actually the 'DA per se then some brand of fanatical loyalism. Varies in the country, but I generally just avoid the Legion in NI, sadly.
  14. Penned by the man who gave us Danny Boy, another favourite song, loved and sung by the troops in France.

    The battles of the Somme were in Picardy where so many lost their lives.

    Today, for them, a little more modern, with a very early morning touch, but no less for that, in memory of what they gave us.
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