Remembrance Day - A name and shame thread

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by skintboymike, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. It was announed on the tannoy system today that all personnel would congregate on the main shop floor at 10:55 in order to conduct the two minute silence together. As I work in a secure environment there needs to be someone there at all times, so I was nominated to stay behind. Mary the records clerk was also in attendance next door, so she set up her phone to switch to answerphone after two rings.

    While everyone was away the phone rang, but since it was 10:58 I decided not to answer. It rang twice, followed by the answer machine tone and a long beep. It then rang again. And again. And again. Right the way through the entire silence.

    A message to whoever it was (you know who you are); You're an ignorant twat. Just because you choose not to remember the fallen, doesn't mean those you are trying to contact don't want to. You spoiled the occasion for me completely, and instead of sparing time to think of the significance of the moment, my blood boiled with rage thinking about what I'd do to you if I knew who you are. I hope you are reading this.

    I thought a name and shame thread was in order, as I doubt I'm the only person who's been upset today. :x
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Perhaps the caller's watch was fast?
  3. If it bothered you that much, why didn't you just take the phone off the hook?
  4. Most of them were, but that particular phone isn't allowed to be.
  5. Perhaps he was In France and that big magnet jobbie they turned on tore a hole in space and time and thus for him it was actually November the 12th?
  6. I'd like to name and shame my lecturer who thought Loud noise gain was more important than taking a two mintue brake, I left the room at 10.58 and returned at 11.03, when we did brake at 11.15 I was told that I shouldn't be answering my phone in lectures I shock my head and with a very loud voice informed him were I had been........que one very embrassed looking lecturer and lots of oh yeah forgot about that from the students......... no wonder people hate students
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Are you studying English?
  8. You at Goldsmiths then? My girlfriend was in a lecture with the same timeframe, she was really annoyed when I spoke to her a few minutes ago. You would think that the lecturers of all people would realise!
  9. Our organisation has the 'live and let live' view on this... those who wish to observe a 2 minute silence can (with the fire alarm set off briefly to indicate start and end of silence). Of course, that has not stopped people from continuing to use their keyboards, a sound that is especially loud when the rest of the office is sitting still, saying and doing nothing.

  10. The two dopey birds in the kitchen area that decided to carry on their conversation after the fire alarm sounded at 1100hrs! Good on one of the Technical Directors for telling them to shut the fcuk up and giving them a bit of a ballacking after!
  11. Right, so the batphone "isn't allowed" to be off the hook, while seemingly it is perfectly OK for you/your department to ignore it completely?

    Correct me if I'm missing the point but your logic seems a bit fuzzy to me.