Remembrance Day 2008

After much negotiation, I have managed to arrange a 2008 Remembrance Day Parade and service for the 'special' people in this country that gave their lives several times over but are still alive.

Yes 'Walt Disney' remembrance is a chance for all the walts to get together at Disneyland Paris to swap amazing stories about ther deaths and medals. After the parade there will be a tour so that many of you heroes can return to famous battlefields such as the log flume and space mountain.

Anybody that will not be able to attend due to ebay not having the required uniform\medal should not worry too much, I understand that Blue Peter will have a feature next November on Walt medal making with household items.

Former walting soldiers that will be out of circulation and unable to attend due to secret government work or anti-terrorism duties can remember their pretend friends by copying the newly revealed 'Mickey Mouse' poppy and printing it out. I understand that you will not be able to pin it to your attire due to operational secrecy, however fumbling it on 11\11\08 @ 11am while it is tucked away in your pocket should be adequate.


Should any of you die of shame before the aforementioned parade takes place, then good riddance, you won't be missed.

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