Remembrance at your workplace

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hurry_up_and_wait, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. Interest post to see how your employer / workplace handles honouring this special occasion.

    My personal experience with employers has been rather mixed in the past. Ive had employers who have gone above and beyond but also one in particular who treated it like as a huge inconvenience...

    Other than diverting the phones and getting some fat desk jockeys to stand for a couple of minutes does anyone do anything extra special?
  2. Rather a contentious issue I'm afraid. Without going into detail, my unit are going to fuck this one up big style. :x
  3. Hi All,

    On the Sunday, I'll be parading in Birmingham.

    On the 11th, we have the day off work in commemoration.

    A national Holiday, in fact.

    But then, I do work in France....


  4. My organisation has a small war memorial within the building dedicated to those who worked here before the wars and then gave their life during. There is always a small service here which I'll be attending in best blazer order.
  5. Not sure about my other colleagues but i make sure to pull the lorry over and stop for the correct time.

    I ordered a large poppy for the grille of my truck, will be interesting to see whether they let me put it on or not

    I do remember once when i was back in uni i was rather upset to have to remind the lecturer what day it was and to state that whether they liked it or not myself and fellow students would be downing keyboards for the minute silence. Shame that the other bods in the 500 strong computer centre didnt do the same, students eh!
  6. My organisation does nothing for our heroes, I'm one of the few who actually wear a poppy!!! I have brought this up numerous times in the past and the response was always "We will look into it" but never got a response.

    To be honest I'm rather ashamed to work for them.
  7. Each year I diarise a two minute silence in my firm and ensure that no one answers the phones for that time. I always feel a sense of anger and disgust when you hear the phones ringing and people walking past the office after the maroons have sounded to signify the start of the service.
  8. The building I work in has a PA system and they make an announcement for the two minute silence and everyone observes it.

    I get the train into Fenchurch Street every morning and see all the bankers in their flash suits. Despite what you think of them they all wear a poppy.
  9. my old work place (a factory) used to always stop all work and stand for the minute followed by the national anthem but this company (an office) does naff all and when i step out and stand with my head down i have the ********** ask me what im doing! winds me up!
  10. My place is holding a wreath-laying ceremony at the cenotaph located just out in front of the building.

    I too will be there in best blazer order seeing as I’m going to miss the Remembrance Parade for the first time ever this year!

    For those who don’t attend the service, there will be a PA announcement signalling the start and end of said reflection in the office.

    [Edited for mong-spelling!!]
  11. HQ has a wreath-laying service, with Bugle Calls and hym/prayers.

    My large office tells everyone it's 11 o'clock. However, as there is a minute or three drift on clocks, PCs, whoever is on tannoy, and yer actual time - often people are stood marking 2 minutes, only to be interrupted by tannoy.
  12. Pity they cant synchronise but at least they are making an effort.
  13. We have a memorial to those who worked for the organisation & died, on Saturday there will be a service of remembrance with wreaths layed as there is every year. This Saturday I'll be laying my companies wreath in uniform having been given the day off to do it.

    My company are right cnuts as a whole, but when it comes to military related matters I can't fault them.
  14. Yes, but one time of the year they might synchronise for effect, but don't.

    [Rustle of tin-foil being folded into bi-corn.]
  15. LLoyds (as in the insurance folk in the snazy building) have a particularly splendid service at the Lutine Bell. The whole place stops.