Remembrance and training

Our Sqn was practicing Drill last night for remembrance Sunday. However, out of the 36 bodies there that night it seem like only half a dozen were actually turning up. We've got TFTs, GAPs, and other training going on.

Now, of course training takes priority. Id rather be better trained than being remembered another remembrance Sunday because I did'nt know my job. But SM was clearly pissed that this training could'nt of been organized on another day. Despite me being allergic to religion, I think he's right, remembrance should of been taken into account.

Has anyone else found that training centers have ignored the fact that most of us are expected to be down the local church on this day?
Dunno about you but where i am they've suited the training around it. My regiment has a an event on the saturday but all of sunday is free for rememberance, as it should be.

The GAP training is even being stopped on the Sat evening so that everyone is free for the event!
Renski, the short answer is 'not in my neck of the woods'.

Firstly, remembrance is not a religious act. Yes, most ceremonies involve a multi-denominational service afterwards but the act is normally carried out at a memorial in the open; you don't need to be a god-botherer.

Secondly, whilst that's a nice keen gung-ho training-oriented sentiment, for one day of the year, put training second and pay your respects to your Regimental 'family'. I doubt that many stricken soldiers roll over and with their last gasp declare that 'if only I'd done my BCD one more time...eeurghh!'

Lastly, it isn't difficult to turn remembrance weekend into a genuinely productive MATTs event and this can be conducted in harmony with the drill. Does this balance appear to be beyond your planning staff?


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It depends on your TM and Sub unit 2ic
At our unit we have succssfully organised MATT training on Sat, social night recce on sat night, a nice warm up run on Sun first thing followed by Town Parade. it really should not be that difficult.

Of course all those attending other training can either not attend or short tour sat night to join their units on Sunday - I know what I would do

But you make a fair point training in this instance should not come before Remembrance - after all these guys made the ultimate sacrifice for us all.

I have been in the TA for 5 years and only missed 2 rememberance parades one due to being mobilised for Ieaq, and the other was on a DIT course with 143 bde.
It seems to me that when Bde training teams organise courses they dont take into account rememberance parades. When i was on my DIT course the instructor never even observed the two min silence.
Remembrance should clearly take the priority. After all it's only once a year, and if it wasn't for these blokes who went before us, we wouldn't be bloody well wearing this uniform!
We will Remember them, more than just a poem, right... right?
Nicked from elsewhere on arrse:

Rememberance should take priority although RTC's don't seem to observe this, RTC(SE) is not running CMS(R) this weekend but that's more by luck than judgement as next years rememberance day falls on a RT weekend.

If not for the fallen we would all be speaking german.

The coy this weekend is doing drill & pre-ECI on Saturday & parade Sunday.
Renski said:
Now, of course training takes priority.
I'd say that paying our respects to those that died giving us the freedoms that we have today takes priority. I'd also say you're a selfish tw@t.

I suppose you only put 50p in the poppy tin because going on the lash "takes prioity"?

The entire weekend should be spent making sure you look the part and can actually march on the day. Nothing worse than looking scruffier than the cadets.
I'd also say you're a selfish tw@t.
I'd say thats a bit unfair. First, I've been told this training take priority. I would of far prefered training to be next weekend. We will be taking a few hours out to pay our respects, and I did go to a service for the regiment last Sunday.

The only thing Im skipping is doing the full do with the local town, which I think it deserves. But now mini-bus drivers, instructors, etc are going be losing their weekends anyway, it's not like we have much choice.
StabTiffy2B said:
Renski said:
Now, of course training takes priority.
The entire weekend should be spent making sure you look the part and can actually march on the day. Nothing worse than looking scruffier than the cadets.
Couldnt agree more, it was only last year I saw a S/sgt get promoted, he marched out of the ranks and tick tocked! The amount of people about who look like bags of shite and march like bags of shite is phenomenal, these arent just juniors, these are seniors with 7, 8 ,9 10 or more years service, the one day we have all eyes on us and certain soldiers continue to make the T.A look like a rabble, when Joe public sees this no wonder the T.A/ reserve/2nd generation defence force or whatever we will be rebranded think we are a joke.
Just to add something to the mix 2 Sig Bde have a trade training camp starting tomorrow. These are fairly tight time wise anyway but I assume (hope) that some time will be taken out to remember those that have made the ultimate sacrifice.
Billy_Prior said:
fair point but if your particular unit rarely trains at drill then what can you do?
Rollocks. On Sunday I shall be marching 12 veterans down the High Street. They last did drill in 1945. I can assure you they will march beautifully, backs as straight as they can and stepping out feetly. So don't give it that crap...just do it, you are collecting trained soldier's pay are you not? A little bit of elan, a little bit of esprit de corps and a shouty sergeanty person and you ought to get through. If on the other hand your unit is made up of hunch fronts and sloth impersonators than I feel sorry for you and your colleagues but either way MARCH like you mean it!
Our unit is depleted this rem sun due to a trade camp organised as well as a full gaps weekend in another location this leaves us with very little on the ground to parade with. Poor organisation or dont give a toss syndrome You Decide :x
Our Sqn this year has decided that Friday night will consist of some Admin, followed by good old bar games. This way everyone can get in the bar have a few swallies and the older members of the sqn can help the newer members of the sqn to get their kit sorted (boots gleaming / kit pressed to a high standard etc). Saturday is split between doing MATT's and drill, then Sunday bit more drill practice then down town for the Parade and back to the Mess's to pull up a sandbag with the Veterans and pay respects to them and their colleagues of past.

In 14 years I have only missed a parade once and that was when I was on a course at Chatham and we were told that training took presedence as it was a very tight timetable.

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