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After reading the latest sad report on the RMP fatality in Afg, I just wonder whether there would be any merit in setting up a 'Roll of Honour' on ARRSE. Nothing extravagant or mawkish - just something simple and dignified along the lines of No, Rank, Name, Regt, Date and Theatre.

This may not be appropriate, or there might actually be something similar already on ARRSE that I am not aware of. Any thoughts or support for this out there?

PartTimePongo said:
Pssssssst. Look at the top of the forum.

Thanks. I wasn't aware that it existed - my mind is now set at rest. Think it might be better organised by Corps/Regt, and pehaps put in a more prominent position on the home page (not just to help idle researchers such as myself) and not buried within a forum - just a suggestion


I read an article to-day which stated that 148 British PMCs had died this year in Iraq. Perhaps it would be useful to find out who these people were and remember them as, I guess, the majority will be ex HMF.

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