Remembering Osnabruck - A History 1945 - 2009

If anyone would like a free :D copy of a book written for the closure of Osnabruck Garrison then please send a SAE to the value of £1.10 to cover postgae to:

The Chief Clerk
HQ Osnabruck Garrison
Imphal Barracks

HQ Osnabruck Garrison is supporting Maj Phil Packers 'Phils Million' charity appeal. Maj Packer was injured in Iraq whilst based in Osnabruck and is now in a wheelchair :( . If anyone wanting a free copy of the book would care to include a donation to the charity, it would be gratfully received. However, this is not mandatory, and a book will be sent out in any case.

Anyone with doubts to the bona fides of this offer can PM me for my Mil Phone Number for verification. 8)

Thank you :
Did I say something wrong or is no one interested?


War Hero
CHIPS?? is that you
Yes, whoever you aare!!
Top Soldier just PMd you