Remembering Dieppe

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Rocketeer, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. Spent sometime yesterday attending various commemmoration and memorial services/ceremonies for Dieppe..

    sad but somehow inspiring...

    had the privilege of visiting Dieppe as part of an official delegation in 2000 when the missus, in her official capacity, was presiding over dedications of two monuments..

    The town treted us like we'd fought the battle the day before.. incredible experience.. Met and talked with the doctor[ then 91] who had run down to the beach under fire to tend to wounded Canadian troops pinned down by the Germans..

    complete disaster, of course, in terms of its place in military tactics, but, lessons learned and all that, so they say, which improved D-day planning..

    crappy footnote to all this.. My son serves with one of the regiments that made the landing..they have a memorial cairn and had planned ceremonies yesterday for honouring their regimental dead.. some punkasskids had descrecrated the monument with graffiti and had gouged out the bronze plaque holding the regimental crest..scramble to repair things for the service.. still haven't found the plaque..
  2. It's true: you can't have Overlord without Jubilee.

    Also, Jubilee finally taught everyone to keep Dicky Mountbatten away from anything that could get people killed.
  3. Amen to that Noose... hard lessons were learned at Dieppe that payed off later but the price for the knowledge was horrific.

    Hope the authorities catch the SOBs who defaced that memorial...
  4. Went there a couple of years back and of course read about it but still nothing prepared me for the angle of the shingle on that beach - no surprise that tanks struggled to get very far.

    Good to see you got a good reception and I echo the point about the scrotes who defaced the memorial.
  5. My commiserations - the people that do this are barstewards.

    However it’s not just in the West. Read a book on holiday called the Battle for Moscow 1941. A school in MOSCOW had to move a memorial to former pupils who died in the defence of their capital as it was continually vandalised. Absolutely unbelievable the mentality of the culprits.