Rememberance Weekend

Discussion in 'REME' started by CraftyMac, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. On the silence, who were you thinking of?

    Al-Amara 2003. Jim, God Bless.
  2. To be perfectly honest I thought of all the servicemen that died in the conflicts past and present,I have got into so many arguments with civvies that dont care about the rememberance parade,I think they should have respect!!
  3. I agree! The missus and I went to watch my stepson playing footie at the weekend and there was a minute silence before kick-off. However, the only people silent were me, my missus and 22 ten year old boys. All other parents and even the fcuking team coaches were gassing. They all got an earful though and for the first time this season, my stepson was not subbed off at half-time...wonder why??? T@SSERS!!
  4. I dont think civvies understand what the word respect means.
  5. I didn't quite understand that whilst at work on the build up week to rememberance sunday, people had to get 'nominated' to attend the service, why is this? After all it is only for, a couple of hours during one day of the year,surely it should be scale A?
  6. I thought of all who had fallen past and present, in particular Steve and Dave, C SQN QRL Basra 2003 "Death or glory" boys.
  7. Very good point there Bo, however, be careful, some people chose to remember all our fallen comrades in different ways, some prefer to do it privately, ie with family, some prefer to go home and attend a local service, especially if your from a small rural community like me. Some are quite anti-religion and therefore the whole church thing is against their views, but will remember them in another way.
  8. i also spared a thought for stevie, bein a ex C SQN QRL myself.
  9. When were you with C Sqn blacktower?
  10. i was there from jan 99 till jan 02
  11. Blacktower, you left just as i arrived, for another tour with the regiment, you will be pleased to know we had a massive piss up in their honour on the 2003 winter reunion, and there was a huge representation from the regiment and its attached guys past and present!