Rememberance/veterans day dates

The WW2 generation aren't getting any younger and many find it too cold to turn out on a bitter Sunday in November to pay their respects to fallen comrades. Wouldn't it therefore be a good idea to hold an alternative annual event on say the anniversaries of VE day, D day or VJ day instead? (D day being my preferred choice).


1) The current veterans day (27 June) bares no military significance.

2) Revenue generated (Poppy appeal) would be considerably more per annum than a collection held during winter months.

3) I have no desire to undermine the significance of the 11th day of the 11th month in this proposal.
Notice a wreath has been layed on the local memorial today.
Although I'm not an expert in these things I think it's on behalf of the RBP.

Is there a significance to todays date?
27 June is the 150th anniversary of the inception of the VC which is why it was chosen.

We are having a whole weekend of events, beating retreats, curry lunches, church service and general pissups up in Inverness weekend 24/25 June but I wonder if this will take off as an annual event given it is usually the week that the schools break up in Scotland so the kids are more interested in having their 'reward days at Alton Towers etc' or bunking off for the last week of term!

The general feeling up here within our organisation is 11 Nov should be the remembrance day and D-Day is a popular choice for the summer version but geared towards fund rasiing etc as you suggest. Perhaps we should have all the Army KAPEs nationwide around this time as well as bring back the Royal Tournament etc. The public haven't got a clue what the lads do nowadays - we need to get more and better PR than the rubbish put out by leftie nutters and the BBC.
Cabarfeidh said:
27 June is the 150th anniversary of the inception of the VC which is why it was chosen.

Thanks for this (and the rest of your post). The anniversary of the VC is a great idea, as would be the anniversary of Waterloo:)

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