Rememberance Sunday

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by MedievalMan, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. First Rememberance Sunday after leaving in April this year.

    What is the etiquette for ex military at the Cenataph, medals on the left/right etc?

    I know it is a silly question but being my first one I want to pay my respects in the right manner.

  2. If they're yours on the left, if they're a relatives on the right. If they're off ebay- leave 'em in a box.
  3. If they're from e-bay why would he even have them :x
  4. Some do....remember the 'Blade' with the Purple Heart?

    It wasn't aimed directly at MM- whom I don't know from Adam,but at any would be walt gong wearers surfing through.
  5. Yeah, sorry if that was a bit too quick off the mark; third cup of coffee already! What occured with the Blade?
  6. Totally outed by Arrser's. He also received a deserved proportion of humiliation in the press at the time. Keep your eyes peeled it's almost the height of the Walting season and they'll all be out
  7. MM. Recommend a good overcoat, gloves and a hip flask! Lots of standing around before, during and after the parade ... can be a bit nippy! :D
  8. Talking about Remembrance, with the British contingent nigh on gone from Bosnia especially the Sappers, are there any Units out there who intend to visit the 3 RE Memorial Sites - Gornji Vakuf, Bugojno and Stari-Vitez? this was always done by the resident RE Sqn with the RE EOD Dets...
  9. As someone who works overseas I contacted the local British Embassy to see if they helped distribute poppies. I was delighted to hear that I can collect a box and colection tin this afternoon for the company that I work for.

    Made my day.