Rememberance Parade

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. In uniform as part of a parade

  2. In civvies as part of a parade

  3. In civvies with the public

  4. Not attending

  5. In uniform with the public

  1. So what's it to be????

    Obviously some options could be political (NOT FOR THE TA/Army etc - as anyone who did that would need shooting) Can we keep this on topic please
  2. Its Remembrance Day, not a political day or a day you didnt get paid for you chopper, you go to Remember id expect you to turn up, not going to turn up because your shelved or whatever for 6 months, FFS get a grip you ******
  3. I think you should stay at home you fucking disgrace.
  4. You really make me want to weep you fuckwit. It is a time to remember the guys and gals who have fallen not for you to make a political f ucking statement. Piss Ant
  5. ill be there in the public.

    not wearing uniform as the government doesnt think i need to be for the next 5
  6. Who the frack are you talking to? Don't you understand comment not opinion. If you think I would do a thing like that, then please feel free to play with the safety catch on your rifle. Your loss wouldn't be missed.

    I find your post obsolutley disgusting (and that twat spaz). Your fracking stupid in the fracking head, more than stupid. A complete knob.
  7. Feck off half-wit, why have a poll with not attending, then some options could be political, if it aint another woe is me. Feck off you knobber
  8. What about

    No longer serving, don't get paid, but still attending to show respects for those who have given their all, past and present, along with about a dozen others.

    Had I been serving, I am sure that I would speak for all my old unit in that they would unanimously attend in uniform without pay to show respects. I am sure that the TAC would be a start point and then a few beers in the bar.
  9. i'll turn up in uniform and will take part if enough of our lads turn up to make up a guard
  10. Polar you claim to be a SNCO and are keen to point out, how you have been betrayed by the system, including references to you having been preached at regarding values and standards, however I fail to see any evidence in your posts of the qualities that one would expect of a SNCO. Instead you come across as self absorbed, stirring, whingeing cunt.
    You start this topic suggesting that members of the TA may wish to hijack the event and then feign outrage when it is suggested that this is inappropriate behaviour and claim that you would never do such a thing!
    I bet the lads and lasses have a real role model to look up to in you, don't they? I'm quite glad for anyone that would have to deal with you, that you haven't mobilised, you would be about as popular as a fart in a spacesuit, you cunt.
  11. The fact your trying to point score on this poll, says it all
  12. sorry polar i dont agree with this thread or your poll your PM must be on overload

    i'll be there in uniform, it's a matter of respect and thanks
  13. There is no question to be asked here.
    Its not about pay or sodding MTD's - This whole stand-down thing is not even an issue regarding this.

    I will be there, if I can go in uniform with my unit and parade then I will be honoured to do so. If for whatever reason we are told we can't parade with the other forces, then I shall attend in uniform and pay my respects that way.
  14. I suspect that most TA units do not have 100% attendance at every Remembrance Sunday weekend, paid or not. I suspect many of those not attending in a military capacity, do not attend somewhere in a civilian capacity.

    I certainly don't think the abuse polar is getting for this poll is justified. Has he even indicated whether or not he is attending yet?

    For the record, I've already volunteered to do Remembrance Sunday weekend as C1. I will not condemn those who are not attending though.
  15. I'll be there in Uniform if that's what we're doing, I don't mind not getting paid for that. Otherwise I'll just go to the one in my hometown instead in Civvies.