Rememberance Parade - applauded

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. In the past few years I've seen veterans get clapped as they marched past but this year it was extended to all TA units.

    Is Joe public trying to make a statement (support for armed forces etc), I felt I hadn't earned it(but many guys present had), as I'm an enabler. Anyone else get the same treatment ?
  2. I have been back in England for only the last three Remembrance Day Parades after many years absence, so my comparison is for the last three events. All of which have been moving, but even allowing for the sheer pleasure of viewing in 2004 my first one for years, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind the public was solidly 'on side' this year.
    I think the sight of young war widows, and their children struck solidly home. It certainly did with me
    And the parade of veterans seemed to have greater significance this year.
  3. We had a few MP's watching the parade, I've never noticed them before (blimey I've done a nice comment about liarbour)
  4. msr

    msr LE

    My main observation about the audience was the conspicuous lack of anyone aged 8-48.

  5. We were clapped by the public for the first time last year as we marched past town mayor and dignatories on the way from the church to cenotaph.

    Not sure today as I couldn't attend but sure it will have been the same.
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I'm 20, I got my friends to come along too.

    One of the few times when we're all serious for just a little while. Was nice to feel part of something very important.
  7. I reckon 'BBear' has put his finger on what I was trying to say. 'Nice to be part of something'
    I think that is it. To me it seemed as though the people were more involved this year - they were 'part of it'.
  8. Have now done cenotaph parade twice,99 and 04, so either side of the start of telic. Was there a difference between the public lining the route on the two different nov days? NO. The vast majority of the faces in the crowd that i could see were "older" but their applause and cheers were as enthusiastic for Marines RAF Army and TA. London underground even get a cheer. Today you would have found me offering my own silent prayer at 11(12 local) in south east germany trying not to forget in a country that whishes to forget whilst i wear my poppy with more pride than the "Burberry and bar" i got for being scared shiTless.

    More wine Mr B? Thank you......
  9. We got applause yesterday too.
    It was nice but a bit of a shock at first.
    Albeit a pleasant one!
  10. thought the same. Seemed to be a lot more than normal (of all ages), pity about the site - stopped a large number from seeing what was going on.
  11. My cadets were the gaurd of honour on our local memorial yesterday, they got a huge round of applause when they marched past the veterans association also recieved an even louder round of applause, I dont know about the rest of the parade im afraid.
  12. My first time at Bristol yesterday, very loud and sustained applause - especially for the vets element.

    Having said that, the crowd were probably all related to someone in the sizeable service & pre-service contingents.
  13. I was at the Cenotaph yesterday and we were all clapped along the route - some formations got cheers like St Dunstans and BLESMA, but the Gurkhas also got a great reception. We booed the Monkeys but it was done with good squaddie humour.
  14. They weren't clapping out the pace to try and get you back in step, were they? :)
  15. Does anyone parade (in uniform) at their local parade, not at their units parade. I noticed a Sgt had done this, going to their daughters guides/scouts/brownies parade and then going onto a TA function.

    Her indoors now wants to do the same alternating between my eldests event and TA.