Rememberance Day

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by UncleAlbert, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. In Flanders field so far away
    a soldier bowed his head to pray,
    a moment spent with god on high
    to ask if now he has to die
    For Tommy Smith knew much of war
    the death the blood the pain the gore.
    He’d seen it all, most at first hand
    and now he lay in nomansland.
    A lonely figure so forlorn
    he knew he`d never see the dawn…

    On Dunkirk beach and out to sea,
    the lines of men wait patiently.
    with outstretched hands and full of hope…
    Until a stray shell hits the boat.
    They carry Tommy to the beach,
    the `little ship` now out of reach,
    and soon he knows that things aren`t right
    as his day slowly turns to night..
    A lonely figure so forlorn
    he knew he`d never see the dawn…

    The North Atlantic late July,
    where wolf packs stalk and brave men die.
    In mid ocean you can’t be saved
    so sailors meet a watery grave.
    They cling to wreckage in the night
    with convoy gone or out of sight,
    how soon will Tommy start to sleep
    and slip away into the deep
    A lonely figure so forlorn
    he knew he`d never see the dawn…

    Above the clouds where airmen fight
    The bomber droned on through the night
    And in the tail the gunner dozed
    He`d soon be home, or he supposed ….
    The fighter only made one pass
    It`s cannon shattered flesh and glass
    Now Tommy couldn`t move or shout
    the taste of blood was in his mouth
    A lonely figure so forlorn
    he knew he`d never see the dawn…

    The garrison at Singapore
    all taken prisoners of war
    and put to work in jungles deep
    with insects, filth, disease and heat.
    Starving, Tommy knew the score
    that he was knocking on death`s door
    so in the night he crawled away,
    that friends might see another day.
    A lonely figure so forlorn
    he knew he`d never see the dawn…

    Sir Galahad was nomansland
    full of troops, waiting to land
    Then as the bomb struck deep inside
    so many had nowhere to hide,
    burning decks with no way out
    no matter that they scream and shout….
    Trapped, Tommy knows that he`s not dead
    then see`s he`s lost an arm and leg
    A lonely figure so forlorn
    he knew he`d never see the dawn…

    A checkpoint in Afghanistan
    when Tommy bent to see the man,
    a loud explosion rent the air
    and suddenly the cars not there.
    Now Tommy`s lying on the ground
    with dead and dying all around,
    and as his sight begins to sway,
    he hears a siren, far away.
    A lonely figure so forlorn
    he knew he`d never see the dawn…

    The transport from Iraq unloads
    It`s coffins neatly row on row,
    down on the tarmac in the cold
    wait Tommys family young and old,
    while further back and out of sight
    a young girl cries with all her might,
    just a teen, she loved him so,
    and pleaded with him not to go.
    A lonely figure so forlorn
    who knows her dad won`t see the dawn…


    In poppy fields so far from home,
    a soldier wrote a final poem,
    and asked to be remembered should
    he not return from Flanders mud,
    and could a day be put aside,
    to honour men who fought and died.
    So now each year we kneel and pray
    for comrades on remembrance day…
    who died so lonely and forlorn
    that we might see a better dawn.

    UA 2008
  2. we few, we happy, we band of brothers , for he who sheds his blood with me today shall be my brother ...

    Henry V

    amazing UA
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Quality mate
    I'm gonna sack that cleaner Monday the dust in here is a disgrace
  4. must be very windy too, either that or the old 'hey fever' playing up!
  5. Thanks Lads ...your comments are apreciated...
    Since I wrote the poem last week I have posted it on a couple of forums and have had a few requests for permission to reproduce it elsewhere...
    This forum has pigeonholed it which is a bit surprising...perhaps it is a bit to long...sorry about that and thanks for letting me share it with you....

  6. I'm not usually one for poetry but I liked the Sir Galahad verse especially, mate.
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Not to long for me UA
    I thought it was one of the best poems I've seen on here
    In fact I was looking for it the other in the Blog's thread were I thought it was
    I think that there is a paragraph in it that we can all individually relate to no matter what service or when we served

    Once again well done mate I think it's a cracker
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    well done
  9. what he said!!!!
  10. Stirring mate, gave me goosebumps...