Rememberance day walts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mag_to_grid, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Did anyone else manage to ping any walts yesterday? Had some guy in the Liverpool pub, on James street in Liverpool tell me he was in G Sqn of "Them". Was too easy to ping this guy though, I just made up some random name and this guy knew him well and spent many a night in the sandpit with. Un fcuking believable.
  2. Not unless you think guy in his twenties or thirties dressed as WW2 US Airborne with his own jeep and who had the front to join the parade was one.
  3. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I think those 3 at the front of the cenotaph in the high ranking RAF, Army & Saliors rig must have been. The way they nearly cocked it all up by stepping of early and nearly bowling over the Commonwealth bods was classic. Never give a senior officer something to do when on parade. 8)
  4. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Fat chav wearing a US Army pattern commo jacket with "Special Forces" on the chest and back of the neck (wtf?), a load of (fake) medal miniatures on the chest and a US Special Forces baseball cap. And no, he wasn't Septic
  5. I thought the one i met was bad!
  6. Annoys the Sh1t out of me...

    I was in the pub listening to someone who had me going, but I was suspicious. Asked him for his service number backwards... not a clue... forwards then... and he started "67..."

    What's the point? Is it fun to pretend to be something that you're not?
  7. At the end of day, everyone knows someone who knows someone so if you are going to say you are something you are not you are going to get caught!
  8. Ohh mag to grid I met one in the Central later in the day. Claimed to be Airborne then went to "Hereford" to join red troop. I was in awe - mainly of his fine Irish accent
  9. I think I met him too! Did he have a Dublin fire brigade t-shirt on?!
    He was telling a mate of mine that he was some kind of sneek beeky type too!
  10. There was a fella at my local parade last year who was wearing a white 'puffa' jacket and other chavvy clothing....with a chest full of medals ( i dont know what they were, but there was 11 in all as i counted them)
    First he asked me what happened at the parade and where to stand...then proclaimed that he had earned the medals during various 'stints' as he called them!!!!!
    The mind boggles. :?
  11. Just spoke to a mate who was on walt watch in Glasgow and he told me that the emperor of the walts turned up at the main parade. Bloke rocked up dressed in full RHF drum majors kit complete with chest full of medals, one of which was wait for it......... A George Cross!

    Polis were notified by a number of very pissed off people, however before they could act an irate member of the public told the emperor to leave before he and I quote, 'kicked his fcukin heed in!' Walt apparently got the message and was last seen heading towards Queen street station.

    Quality, however I'm absolutely gutted that my mate didn't have a camera!
  12. Stood and watched the parade yesterday at my home town. All this WaltWatching stuff sort of put me off a bit. Kept looking at the RBL chaps on parade thinking about who if anyone was walting it and how sad it would be.
  13. Yes thats the man! though he claimed to drive ambulances too! Said he spent a bit of time in Bluff Cove in the Falklands war
  14. I've just visited the Garden of Rememberance at Westminster Abbey and standing behind the RAF plot was this vision of waltishness:

    OR's hat with officer's cap badge, chin strap hanging loose around his chin;
    OR's tunic with the eagle insignia on each arm but with Sqn Ldr ranks on the sleeve;
    A pair of gold coloured, wing or propeller shaped collar insignias dressed at odd angles;
    Row of medals with a pair of RFC wings sewn on above them;
    Black gloves;
    Hush puppy shoes.

    Now I know the RAF are not renound for their sartorial elegance but this bloke was clearly a few butties shy of a picnic standing sort of loosely at ease then coming to attention(ish) before sort of standing at ease again. Even the snap happy Jap tourist wrere wondering WTF he was all about.
  15. He really didn't like me that bloke, kept staring me out!
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