Rememberance Day advice needed

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Anon1, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. On 9/11 I am running a session at my local scout group about a recent trip but as it is so near 11/11 I'd like to do some form of activity to encourage the scouts to realise the significance of 11/11 and understand it more. Does anyone out there have any suitable resources or suggestions? The scouts are aged 10-14, most are 11/12 so I need something suitable for that age group.

    Thanks! :thumleft:
  2. Blackadder goes fourth, the last episode
  3. isnt scoutmaster just an easier way of spelling paedophile?? ;)
  4. Smudge,

    You kill me sometimes but you're still fcuking funny
  5. Few years ago now but when I was in the scouts we always did the Rememberance parade. Can't believe it's not done any more
  6. Get them on Youtube watching Apache's rain fire down on the baddies

  7. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Anon, why not contact your local/nearest Army unit and ask the CO to provide an Officer, a SNCO and a Pte to come and chat to the lads ? When I was on an exchange tour in Canada I was asked to do this and went with a Canadian SCNO and Pte - parents were asked to attend as well and we received a warm welcome. Another idea may be to get a Chelsea Penshioner along, if you are near to London, or speak to the local British Legion Branch. Beware the PC brigade however, who will no doubt see this as a recruitment campaign for under-age soldiers and spin it the wrong way.
  8. There is still a Rememberance Day parade but it is not compulsory to attend (although when I was a scout it was). So, my idea is to make all of them understand why they should attend and show respect to the millitary past and present.

    Am not a scout leader although once I was the troop leader, it's just pretty hard to find CRB'd adults able and willing to run sessions so I volunteered to take a session. No doubt its the same for ACF and CCF?
  9. Don't get a Chelsea pentioner there unless:

    1 - you have a cheap bar

    2 - you and the kids don't mind the smell of stale p1ss ;)

    Glad to help mediumwhiteamericano :)
  10. Speak to your local Army unit and ask if your Scouts can join their Drum Head Service or church parade, if you are lucky they may even lay on some food afterwards and allow your Scouts to mix with the Soldiers and ask any questions they may have etc.
  11. You should go on e-bay and buy as many medaly as possible.Veterans are of the opinion that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Also, after the ceremony is over and old olde'uns are shuffling off, go up to the cenotaph and rearrange the wreaths alphabetically. This will save the RBL folks the trouble. Make sure they see you, so they know the youth cares. Good luck.
  12. Anon 1

    Ignore the feckwits here. There's a time and a place for comedy, and this isn't it.

    Follow the advice of The Mentalist, possibly expanding your search to the local TA units or AFCO/ACIO (careers office).

    PM me if you wish, and I'll try and put you in touch with someone sensible at your nearest unit.

    To those who might not want to offer help, just remember the Scouts and ACF are the best recruiting grounds for the Forces, especially the Reserves. They are a proven source of young folk who are interested in more than just the X Factor. They should be asissted at every opportunity.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    That's understandable, seeing as we don't get paid it...

  14. If you could teach them how to spell Remembrance, and so avoid the same god-awful spelling mistake that always crops up on Arrse at this time of year, it would make this Old Soldier happy, at least.




  15. Seconded! Not just on arrse, our section invite got it wrong last year until I pointed it out :oops: