Remember to cast your vote on the Lisbon Treaty

It seems 10 constituencies are to get a vote on the EU treaty. Since arrses seem to revel in banging on about the EU being the worst thing since the third reich, I though I ought to highlight this oppurtunity to vote.

I Want A Referendum has announced the first ten seats in which referendums will be held on the European Constitution Lisbon Treaty. They include the constituencies of Ruth Kelly, Jacqui Smith and — hooray! — the sleekit Chris Huhne.

Every registered voter in these ten seats will receive a ballot paper, and the poll will be conducted independently by the Electoral Reform Society. In total, half a million people will get the chance to vote — the largest expression of popular opinion since the 1975 EEC referendum.

The ten selected seats are as follows:
Redditch Jacqui Smith (Labour, Home Secretary)
Bolton West Ruth Kelly (Labour, Transport Secretary)
Eastleigh Chris Huhne (Lib Dem, Home Affairs)
East Renfrewshire Jim Murphy (Labour, Europe Minister)
Gedling Vernon Coaker (Labour, Home Office minister)
Somerton and Frome David Heath (Lib Dem, Justice)
Harlow Bill Rammell (Labour, Higher Education minister)
Conwy Betty Williams (Labour)
Pudsey Paul Truswell (Labour)
Hammersmith Andrew Slaughter (Labour)


I see a good fair cross section of parties.
Brilliant! Half a million out of about 40 million eligible voters can have their say in a nonsense poll, privately organised and with no influence or effect on the government of the day. That'll teach our lords and masters.
Yet again this site shows its 'New Labour' bias !

'Evabloke' being the latest apologist for the appalling gang of ne'er do wells that are currently masquerading as a 'government' - unelected of course, that is the soviet way.

At least the dreadful 'spiv' Bliar was elected (notwithstanding any 'banana republic' practices).

Do you HAVE to lick the repellent Brown's/Browne's arse to be a moderator on this increasingly fourth rate site?
I got mine this morning. Its basically to canvas opinion which the government considers an accurate reflection of the national opinion. I had a quick read of the booklet that explained the treaty and it seemed to put a very negative spin on it.

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