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My message here is simple. You can make a point without being disrespectful. You can make your point without attacking Politicians, Soldiers, Veterans and those who support them. You can make your point without blocking of streets to wave banners, spitting on soldiers or demeaning the sacrifice of those who choose to serve.
This comes from a blog passed to me by an American friend. It follows upon a very moving poem that claims to be known to many Australians. That is at and deserves reading in it’s entirity. The Australians were heavily into the Vietnam operation to an extent we Brits may not fully appreciate.
Their participation then can well form the basis for a course of conduct now.
don't see why you have to be respectful or cease from attacking politicons and blocking streets is called demonstrating not that our so called leaders take any notice. biggest demo ever against the gulf war 11 went ahead anyway and its turned out brilliant :twisted:
if you let them get on with there clever little plans and just vote every four years they'd be happy but thats not life citzenship is more than just voting and if something pisses you off raise a stink and if they won't listen take to the streets


In UK now - you CANNOT make your point by peaceful protest without police permission, thanks to this Government.


War Hero
Bummer that isn't it. You can't protest on the streets without the permission of the incumbent dictators, you now have to let the gestapo in to your home to inspect it, you are censored in what you say, you cannot refuse to serve someone based on their predilictions, you are taxed to hell and back . . . the list goes on.

Crikey folks, you've never had it so good!
Brighton Hippy, that is why I included a rider at the bottom of my post.
establishing his status is crucial before any comments from my direction.
in a word bollocks did'nt geta choice in aussie theygot DRAFTED BY IF I RECALL A LOTTERY! :cry: if yer number cameup you were heading to the nam :(


brighton hippy said:
in a word balls did'nt geta choice in aussie theygot DRAFTED BY IF I RECALL A LOTTERY! :cry: if yer number cameup you were heading to the nam :(

almost correct - they had national service from 1964 till 1972. somewhere in the region of 20,000 ozzies served in vietnam, including national servicemen.

as i understand the difference, i always thought national service was for everyone (bar exemptions); but conscription was done on an as-needed basis rather than "everyone does it". e.g. the american vietnam draft by DOB lottery balls.

either way - SLRboy, you're misguided in your criticism. he had no choice about being there.
I am absolutely not misguided.
If you volunteer to live by the sword you must expect that you might die by the sword.

and nothing anybody tells you changes that immutable fact of life.

And CR, we ALL have choices. And we ALL bear responsibity for the choices we make.

Lets not try and wheedle out of this one.
Whether we like to fool ourselves or not the fact is mankind lives in a moral universe.

Even if a man cares not to think of ethics and morality he is not off the hook.
Because by making that choice he has in fact made a moral choice, that being not to make one.

And from that flow consequences. Its the old cause and effect game.
And that game happens in the affairs of men just as it does in nature.
And honestly, I didn't make that game up - it was here when I got here, sir.
SLRboy said:
And CR, we ALL have choices. And we ALL bear responsibity for the choices we make.

B'liar chose to take the UK into AFG/IRQ.

Wilson chose to keep the UK out of 'Nam.

Which of these 2 should be judged to have made a better choice? Did Wilson's choice damage the UK/US relationship irreparably? Or was that the other bloke?

If anyone deserves to be treated with contempt, it is each and every one of B'liar's govt who didn't follow the example of Robin Cook, and most of the 'Loyal Opposition' who refused to see the Iraq story for the big lie it turned out to be.

Just a thought.

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