Remember this LOL

1969 to 1971 JLR
Do you remember Renny Rocks, it was brilliant, horsehair mattresses,
bunk beds, nizzan huts or marquee tents, pot-holing, the smell of the
drying room, pints of tea and a stack of bread, lots of stews, swimming,
bike races delivering chinese whispers messages, learning map reading
and wandering all over the place. Remember night exercises there when we had to paddle across Plymoth sound and attack a castle, then another
night defend it? We thought we were heroes, not young lads shit-scared
of the dark strining your eyes to see in the black nights with your
mouth wide open hoping to hear an impending attack. Incredible days.

The rope course, brilliant. Firing SMG's for the first time, learning
tank crfewmanship, driving, go-karts, cycle-club, mountaineering, I
think we had a great time, we were so fit then.


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