Remember Them (SONG)

One sure thing, I'll not remember your song.
I'm no expert but that wasn't very good, to say the least !
Why are you reading/speaking the words and not singing them?
I will bill you for that 1.06 of my time.
It reminds me of that American trend (which has kind of tried to take off over here) where black criminals (AKA gangsters) that cannot sing, speak the words and call it 'rap'.

Obviously I cannot see you but are you wearing an awful lot of gold and did you not think of throwing a few 'bitches' and 'muthafukkers' in there to make it sound a little more authentic.
Haha fair. I did my best. What exactly wasnt good about it? Im intrested as i want to improve

The bit I found that wasn't good was the bit between the start and 1.05, the last bit btween 1.05 and 1.06 was very good.

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