Remember the Provo Sgt of bad lads army....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 5.56mm, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. Well hes got his own website. Don't know if anyone has seen it before but here it is anyway .
  2. Yes I remember him. I think he does a lot for charity.
  3. It does not say who he served with when he was In, except the TA logistic near the end of he's career.
  4. but does he like to talk about it?
  5. If you click on the Caricature on the website he's wearing Gren Guards uniform
  6. I was looking at this the other week.He was in Jason and the Argonauts!!
  7. Going by the first couple of lines in his blog entry thing I would have a rough guess at him being ex-Grenadier Guards.
  8. And Blackadder!!!
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Bad Lads;Officer Class started a rerun on ITV4 last week & it stated he was ex Gren Guards.

    Remember the classic,
    "Stand by...tick tock tick tock.." and then proceeds to bang the sh1t out of the buckets on the defaulters heads with his pace stick!
  10. I have had more time to go over the site now, and yep It does look as he Is ex-Grenadier Guards.
    I will do my home work next time before gobbing off.
  11. 40s? Thats fcukin generous. He looks much older. Oh and he does Asian accents... hmm.
  12. Thats a shite website he's got though! That little fcker Nyarkis turned up in the Traf one day and he started dishing out business cards of himself. Bloody midget.
  13. Am i right in reading the website that he seems avaible for hire?
  14. My opinion would be that centered text in Comic Sans MS not the best choice and not very readable - most sites use left-aligned body text for a reason. Fonts like Trebuchet MS and Georgia were designed for maximum readablity in on-screen text.

    Text-as-image not a good idea for search engine visibility reasons.

    He should promote himself as "Corporal Punishment" and do corporate motivation where he beasts over-weight office workers. If the staff in your company are slacking off you can threaten them; "If you lot don't pull yer socks up I'm calling in Corporal Punishment" :)
  15. I think thats Simon Weston youre thinking of! :D