Remember the 1970s when voting today

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, May 5, 2005.

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  2. Good find stoatman.

    I think i need a beer :(
  3. John remembers the 70's. Inflation you wouldn't beleive it.
    In mid 60s I could buy 16 pints of bitter for £1.
    Ah and the along came Maggei. Not a nice lady but a needed lady.
    Blur/Brown inherited maggeis legacy now bruin wants to give it all away, Africa why what did he do wrong?
  4. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Good post....I too remember the 70's ( when I had hair)....but I won't be voting Tory today because I also remember the bitterness and polarization caused by Thatcher and more importantly by the rag-bag of sleazy trough-snouting Alan B'staad clones she surrounded herself with.

    I voted Tory in 1979 'cos I was sick to death of the Union block vote running my country.

    I voted Labour in 1997 'cos I was sick of arrogant First-Class compartment chauffeur-driven real-world insulated Tories telling me that the State had no part to play in people's lives and there was 'no such thing as Society' and the devil take the hindmost.

    I will vote Lib Dem today because even though there is no chance of them forming a government, I will at least be voting for an outfit that believes in more than share prices and headlines.

    << Aux armes les citoyens! Formez vos Battailons! >>

    Le Chevre
  5. It'll be interesting to see what the Stock Exchange does today.
  6. With a moniker like that I take it that you don't worry too much about a French run USofEurope then. :wink:
  7. I remember the 80's when Thatcher was in charge. Watching traditional industries Shutdown, Coalfields closed, Families broken up through strife, estates sent on the downward spiral to urban decay. All for the common good that is.
    Send thousands of skilled workers to re-train as burger flippers, Kids who wanted to follow fathers footsteps through apprenticeships didn't have a cat in hells chance, No sonny you can go on a YOP scheme.
    This country couldn't Manufacture a bean can.
    F.uck fu.cking that
    Sorry I and millions of others don't think so.
  8. Ripper, your quite right. It was a shame that so many had to lose their jobs and that industries had to be closed down and sold off, but without the foresight of Thatcher et al, we would still be producing 'bean cans' at costs way over the actual selling price and as such would be state subsiding certain sections of the community. But hey, the way labour love to dish out benefits, it seems as if we are anyway! :twisted:
  9. I remember sitting in a dark and cold house on the Isle of Dogs for three days because the miners were on strike and the power was turned off - my dad was laid off as his factory was shut down coz of no power and my mum had to get a job as a cleaner just so we could eat - I would glady kick the shite out of ANY miner I see for putting my family through that and listening to that marxist c~nt Scargill !

    I live abroad now and will not be voting - but for that I could not vote Labour, I don't trust the Tories so I guess it would have been the Lib Dems

    (Lib Dems - is that more than enough to blow the bridge? :wink: )
  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    ah oui, bien sur :lol:

    The way Chirac is ducking and diving on the probability that mes amis en France look set with characteristic rudeness to tell him to shove his European Constitution where le singe hid his noix is most encouraging !

    At least Arrsers like me with a smattering of franglais will be able to order a beer, even if our verdammt Euro isn't worth offering up in payment.... 8)

    Die Ziegemann

    ps try telling Peter De La Billiere he's a damned un-English frog-lover...I'll hold your coat....
  11. Ah, as ever, labour supporters are quick to blame Margaret Thatcher for the downfall of the miners and British manufacturing. This is a gross distortion of the facts. Whilst the management were not blameless in the demise of British coal and manufacturing industries, it is mainly the unions who were at fault here.

    How so? Protectionist, uncompetitive and unaffordable practices. Whilst the standards (and costs) of living were climbing over here, they were way behind in Asia. Add that to the above and the end result is industries whose products were are more expensive than the imported competition. In the case of manufacturing, it also involved making goods were technically inferior in almost every way to the competition. This argument might not be popular, but it is factually accurate.

    The government before Margaret Thatcher were a guilty party in this affair in so far as they failed to deal with the growing problem of union militancy early enough that the problem could more easily be dealt with. Margaret Thatcher walked into a situation where the unions had become so accustomed to winning by simply threatening to strike, they felt invulnerable. They also had absolutely no comprehension of the concept of sound competitive and efficient business practice.

    And, whilst the miners whom Ripper so lovingly refers to almost constantly called for 'British workers solidarity' when they walked for whatever reason they deemed sufficient, (and thus threw the country into darkness), they most certainly did not practice that solidarity. Do you think they were buying British Leyland cars when they were at the height of their economic power? They most certainly were not. They were buying Datsun cars (now known as Nissans) from D C Cook.

    Maggie Thatcher IS guilty of preparing to face the miners down. She knew that at some point, the government would have to stop bank rolling the coal mining industry, so she prepared. She knew that when the government demanded the coal industry adopted more efficient practices (ie, 1 man, 1 job!), the NUM would refuse to do so. So, when she faced them, she had over a years coal supply in reserve. The leadership of the minining union knew this. So used were they having governments cave in to them, they could concieve there was a possibility of losing. So if you want to blame anyone for the demise of mining, blame the miners themselves, for being too greedy and refusing to modernise.

    As for manufacturing, you will be hard pressed to find any labour politicians referring to the fall of grace which the British manufacturing industry has gone through. There are good reasons for this. Again, it was largely union intransigence which prevented the manufacturing industry from modernising and making goods which technically and financially competitive with imported goods. Additionally, this government, as is well documented, have presided over an economic era which has seen the loss of over 1 million jobs, versus an increase of 850,000 public servants. Hardly a record to boast about - and certainly not one which suggests this government is supportive of the manufacturing industry. Indeed, the governments handling of the MG Rover debacle in 2001 and this year show they are anything but economically savvy or capable!

    Add to this the current gloom in the city over the economy, and it could be that losing this election might be to the Tories advantage in the long run. The city are expecting lean times, at best. Recession is on the cards. Consumer spending is down, the tax deficit looms large and that equals increased taxes - and even less consumer spending. Throw in the increasing bureaucracy and red tape bought in by Msr Bliar and his cronies and that pretty much equals a recession.

    It will be very difficult, even for a liar of Mr Blairs ability, to blame the Tories for a recession, when the government has been in office for over 8 years. They will difficult and lean times for the man in the street without a lucrative bookdeal and legal income to fall back on. Be assured, Mr Blair will not go short! So much for his 'New Labour!' A labour so new, it doesn't even economically support the part of the population which elects it into power! But, rest assured, they will still spin, lie and tax your ass to death!

    So much for economic competence. Those of you who know of reliable ways of emigrating are cordially invited to PM at your convenience with relevant information.
  12. Yes, and the reason all that happened to British Industry, and had to happen, was what came in the 70's with the Labour Party, and out of control Trade/labour Unions.