Remember Me

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Boxy, May 24, 2007.

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  1. more sugar coated sickly tosh.
    just my opinion.
  2. Just as sentimental as ever FF
  3. i replaced shite with tosh, do you think anyone will notice?
  4. It'd be more realistic if it had quotes such as:

    "who's keeping the car when we split up?"

    "what are we doing with the house?"

    "I've met someone else"

    "We shouldn't be out here"
  5. Yecchhhhhhhhhhh.......... :puker:
  6. works - very poignant video -
  7. its not as bad as that retchingly awful photo of an ice sculpture of a septic fireman with an angel on either side of him, but it is bucket filling viewing.
  8. What, this one??? :D

  9. a class pic if there ever was one!
  10. I bought the entire collection of china plates from the back of [insert random chav Sunday newspaper supplement].

    Do you like this one?

  11. bleeeegh - there goes breakfast
  12. 15? Are there pictures? When does she turn 16?
  13. Is it true the firemen had their pay cut, took the flag down, shot the eagle, set fire to their fire tender, then turned the lights out before fcuking off to Cuba?