Remember me??

Panicked city lawyer.....anyway, I'm not so panicked now but I am looking for your help.

Remember I said that I was working on a free table that I could use for whoever you guys thought would be most deserving, well I've got it!!! I'm looking for you guys to help me out, I think someone mentioned selly oak - is that some sort of rehabilitation unit for soldiers? Sorry, am clueless and really really don't want to end up patronising people over this one. Anyone have 12 free tickets to my charity ball that i'd like to put to good use.


jarrod248 said:
Nicola it may be of use to send a private messagae to hols4heroes he may have use of them.
Indeed Nicola, holidays 4 heroes is a worthy 'in house' charity here on ARRSE. The boss is also organising a charity auction in aid off the RBL Poppy Appeal, both these fine charities would be able to make use of free tickets, either directly or indirectly. Contacts are hols4heroes and Good CO.

Well done on what you're doing, it seems to be coming together well for you. Think you boyfriend ought to buy you a Porche to make up for doubting you. ;)
Thank you Jarrod, v much appreciated.

Not sponsored by the conservative party, they just donated a prize, each time you click onto the site a different sponsor comes up.
Thank you, they can PM me (now I've worked it out) or get me on the CC address.

I haven't had 12 tickets sales by Monday so no longer have to keep to my side of the deal to come to the pub crawl. Am disappointed in you...
Ok so as well as people deserving of free tickets, am also looking for contacts at any of the london based regiments (other than those I have so far, you know how you are and thank you very much), anyone that would willing to donate a prize for the auction e.g. a day's training with the army if you do that sort of thing?? and any firms that have a connection with the armed forces that I could ask for sponsorship....

thank you...


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itsforcharidee, have you tried speaking to some of the security firms that are based in London?

A lot of them are owned/run by ex forces and even more ex forces work within the ranks. They may see it as a really worthy cause and donate a prize or buy tickets or whatever. I am sure there are a few people that frequent this site that work in head offices at security firms. ;)
maybe a long shot but why not ask british military fitness to throw in a free month or summit!! Getting fit and doing a good dead...can't be bad. i know there are loads in london so they will have no excuse to not being able to get to one.

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