Remember Me: The Lost Diggers of Vignacourt

I say "well played Kerry Stokes" - ******* rich aussie bloke. Has a bit of form in buying up Aussie VC's that go to auction and donating them to the Australian war Memorial. Now he has purchased a set of negative glass 'thingies' from WW1. Photography boffins will give the correct name and data. Anyway, no further adeu.....I give you:

Update on the Lost Diggers photographs | Australian War Memorial

WWI photos donated to war memorial - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


I'm totally taken in by the 'moment' captured and the expressions. Just, to me anyway, tell a personal soldiers story. You may differ from Mr. Stokes AC business interests, but, as a man who has philantropy morals that is concentrated on Australia's military history rather than 'Balls & Tiara's' - Sir, as stated "******* well done, good drills."

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