Remember how we used to score with the girls in the 70s

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by No1_port_side, Oct 16, 2005.

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  1. Ah! the good old days came flooding back when chatting on line to a mate.
    Remember when all you needed was a maroon T-shirt , jeans and desert wellies, a bushy moustache and a good chat up line or a pocket full of beer tokens - and you could have the pick of the ladies!!! (well in the "Shot" it was QA'S and WRAC'S but we were young and didnt care!) :lol:

    I remember, I had a engagement ring that did the rounds.
    All you had to do was declare love at first sight to a semi p*ssed Girl at 2230hrs, present her the ring, after 10 mins of teary showing her also P*ssed mates the ring then back to her accomodation by 2330hrs and B*nk the night away.
    The "romance" could last for up to a week and then tell the lady in question it just wasnt working and persuade her that your mate is the guy for her!- she throws the ring back at you, and then you were back to square one ready for the next victim!

    Anyone else remember the golden years of their youth and how they persuaded the oppsite sex to let you into their undies?? and if any of my "fiancees" are reading this drop me line.
  2. Is that a dakota you are jumping from ? You are really old aren't you ? :lol:
  3. Its not me, and its a C130!! and yes I am that old but still think I'm 23!!!
    Anyone else who hasnt grown up yet??
    left the army after a full tour 10 years ago and still call them Fcuking civvies!!!
  4. I have been informed that Rohypnol tends to do the trick nowadays! :twisted:
  5. Flash back to weird jazz type electric sounding music and the most dreaded '70's bush in porno's

    needed to take a brush and a blow drier on a date to gain access to the promised land

  6. Things have changed a little pal. Back then there was no such thing as AIDS/HIV.
  7. There used to be a joke about how you stop a QA from drowning......take off her engagement rings!!
    See what you started?!!!! :D
    And I wasn't one of your "fiancees", (mainly as I wasn't around in the Shot till the 80's and 90's!)
  8. I'm enbarassed to admit it, but back in the late 70s/ early 80s, and even before I had joined up, I used to tell girls I was either a helicopter pilot or a dolphin trainer. Both had mixed success.
  10. Pity , I was still there then!!!
  11. Another succesful night!!!

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