Remember Caliode9 ????

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bomb_Doctor, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. For those of you that remember Caliode9 on the Collins Word Exchange Forum..... He's cracked again and has gone completely barking mad.

    He's using multiple names (Caliode & Logo-a-go-go) and is chatting to himself - extremely amusing :)

    For those that don't.... a few Arrsers came across the Collins website and thought we'd sign up for a laugh. Caliode9 took offence, went a bit cuckoo and we thought we'd better throw smoke before he went over the edge and topped himself - well it looks like he's forgotten to take his tablets!

    The blue touch paper has been lit..... stand well back... Caliode9 should be better than any firework display you're going to see this year!

    Have a look around - it's funny!

  2. Ha ha ha im having some of that that...

    See you in there.
  3. Is it word walt time again? See you there then
  4. fck forgotten all about that bit of undercover arrse...time to dust off my login as 'System administrator'
  5. OK - who's "the_real-caliode" ???????
  6. It depends who's asking

    See the topic "Pier"

    edited because I forgot to type all the words!
  7. Fcuk me, are you still baiting that lot? I'd forgotten all about them.

    Spaz Chariot still makes me chuckle :clap:
  8. Fecking hell - game on again then!
  9. Ah I remember him, fun times messing around on those forums with the ARRSE invasion we did.
  10. Their definitions have not got any better. Scutter
  11. How truely strange

    I'm in :lol:
  12. I see nobody has submitted a new description for skiff :?